Davide di Martino, Architect

I am an Italian, ARB registered architect with several years of experience. After successfully working on a mixed use development in Covent Garden for Ian Ritchie Architects, I have founded Unagru as a network of young professionals dedicated to architecture, urbanism and landscape design. We like space, cities, people, ecology, as well as textures, sounds and smells. We definitely like saving energy and money and making the best of time. We believe in good design and change.


  • 1.Architectural Designer
  • 2.CAD Technician

About Davide di Martino, Architect

After several years of experience in medium and large offices across Europe, I set my own practice. My main focus is now residential architecture. In the past years I have successfully designed and completed extension and refurbishment projects in London. I have also provided consultation on planning and building control matters,.
My latest project, in course of completion, is a ground floor rear extension in Richmond, London. The client, a family of four, share the passion for sailing. We have worked together on models, drawings and 3D renders to explore different options. Most importantly, we have discussed and debated on their priorities, needs and aspirations. The communication process has brought us to define a set of rules and guiding principles which have then informed the entire project to completion. We have then successfully applied for a larger extension, 4.2 metres deep (we spent many hours defining the correct proportion between extension and garden). Given its size, the extension acquired a sort of independence, as a room of its own: this is reflected in the different shape of the roof, a pavilion or a reversed hull. Colours have been inserted in the service areas, to achieve more warmth, or underline movement.
The Richmond case study has helped us define a working methodology that puts communication at the centre of our process. I like formal and informal meetings, understanding and discussing daily routines, aspirations and wild fantasies, visiting building together, drawing on walls and climbing anywhere if necessary.


Architects Registration Board n.083684B

Architecture BA
Postgraduate Masters Degree
PhD Urban Design
Construction Skills Certification: site visitor. N. 05240342

I am an Italian architect registered both in Italy and the United Kingdom (ARB). I have studied architecture at Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli (BA), Università Iuav di Venezia and Escola Tècnica Superiòr d’Arquitectura de Barcelona (MA), and have obtained a post graduate Master degree in Architecture from Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II. I am also a Doctor Phil. in Urban Design and Planning at Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, and have been visiting student and assistant at The New School in New York and at the University of Copenhagen. Before setting up unagru, I have worked independently or as part of: Ian Ritchie Architects Ltd. in London, Roberto Ferreira Arquitectos in Barcelona, Studio Uap, Beniamino Servino and Studio Restart in Italy. I founded Unagru as a network of architects and urbanists with different specialisations and from different locations. The network is growing to become a flexible architectural team as well as a diverse research team.

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