David Wood Fencing and Decking

My business has been built over 8 years covering a host of different jobs. I pride myself in punctuality, fairness and honesty. I am very methodical and like to plan ahead to make sure work is started and completed in times stated. I have a clean licence and a waste carriers certificate available.


  1. Fencing
  2. Demolition
  3. Waste Clearance
  4. Insulation

About David Wood Fencing and Decking

I always had a liking for working outside helping people with garden fences, walls, ponds and patios and always had a lot of good ideas that helped friends and family. For many years I wanted to go by myself but the time was never right, when I finally registered as self employed I put 500 small leaflets in doors in my area and shop windows, on the first day of leaflets I got a job from a lady to put together a house full of flat pack furniture then my phone never stopped over the next week with a variety of jobs.

I have taken on some very hard landscape jobs which have involved taking out rows of lillandai levelling large areas of garden with 5 tonne of topsoil then turfing the full area. I have built a three level deck that covered 20 meters. This job had 47 posts fixed into the garden before I could start building the frame work, fixing all the newel posts to the full length, laying all the boards then finishing with spindles. This looked fantastic and after that job I decided that fencing and decking is the most enjoyable part of my work so the next deck was for a neighbour of mine who wanted a deck and had seen the pictures of my previous jobs and had me deck half of the garden and driveway.

A customer of mine suggested I invest in a petrol jet washer because of the amount of weeds in the block paving at a house I was working at, after cleaning sanding and sealing three drives in that street I decided to place this in my advert as well. I normally find that if I work somewhere someone will see the jobs on my van and I will secure further work in that area.

A lot of my painting work is carried out for private landlords who will contact me and just tell me a property will be empty from a certain date and can I sort it out for new tenants so I will prepare all of the surfaces, ceilings, walls, wood and doors and normally I can turn the house or flat round within a week so the landlords don't have a property standing empty. I have no problem with travelling away and staying on a air bed for a week if it means when I wake up I can start work just after breakfast and I can work late if I have to. I also have a couple of landlords who give my number to tenants. If they have a problem in the property they can call me to fix the problem and bill them direct because they know I will not try to inflate prices or take the mickey.

I prefer to work by myself so if something goes wrong with the work it is down to me and I can make sure it is put right before I leave the job. After eight years I have completed a lot of work for private people and large companies and made a good reputation for myself.