David Evans Joinery and Building

  • Rebuild and extend rear addition

  • Kitchen Fitter Required

    Dave fitted a new kitchen on one of my rental properties. He did an excellent job in a short space of time. We had excellent communication with each other and I a very pleased with the quality of Dave's work. I will be using Dave on any future work and I can highly recommend him.

  • Bathroom fitting

    We hired David to fit & tile our bathroom.As per quote it was supposed to be a week job which turns into three weeks,there was days where he didnt turn up and afterwards try to charge us more for extra days.
    After three weeks where we let go of his unprofessional behaviour as we were expecting a decent job
    1. My vanity sink taps; the hot water tap provide cold water and the cold water tap provide hot water.
    2. There’s a gap between the bathtub and the back wall.
    3. The tiles are not a-line
    4. The toilet leaks in my kitchen
    5. He forgot to put the extracted fan
    6. My waterfall shower touch the ceiling
    7. My shower tap are not level and you can notice it really well! The left side is 47mm away from the wall and the right side 37mm away from the wall
    8. The shower brakets are too wide apart for the shower panel and can fall off.
    We mentioned to David & agreed for date to do all the repairs, he never turn up on the day and didnt even bother letting me know.Payment! We agreed to a reasonable price (£500)and that he will keep receipts for us,the quote came back with double the price (£1045)and the materials (£445). The receipts has been provided blacked out on the amount. He even frighten us about coming to rip off the materials and is excepting the full amount.We had a couple of inspections and point of view from other professional and we have to pay to have his work remove and redone to professional standards.
    Nightmare experience, a total scam!


  • Supply and fit 2 internal 6 panel white doors one W lok

    Job done to a very high standard , very polite and friendly , will be keeping his number for future jobs and will definitely recommend ! Very reasonably priced also :) really pleased !

  • kitchen work top

  • Threshold ramp