Damp & Mould Cure Services

Damp and Mould Cure Services specialise in the detection and remedy of Damp Faults, Timber Defects and Humidity/Mould related problems. We also offer a professional plastering service.


  1. Damp Proofing

About Damp & Mould Cure Services

We are registered contractors with Triton Systems and all our damp proofing works are supplied with guarantees. All our workforce are qualifed time served professional trades people ensuring that the quality of workmanship and after sales support is second to none.
As an experienced Surveyor we currently provide damp and timber reports for many of the estate agents in our working areas. We also work with several housing associations rectifying humidity related problems resulting in mould growth.


Triton Systems Approved Contractor. Using only time served qualified people we offer a professional service from start to finish. Our reports are detailed explaining the reasons for the fault and include written quotation on the works required to cure the problem.

Latest reviews

  • Medium size damp patches in reception room

    Michael was very Helpful with his communication. His team did the job within a few days of me accepting his quote.
    Great service. Very happy.

  • Damp in two separate walls

    Good service by efficient and clean workers, was very impressed with the work that they did.

  • Garage 2 foot below ground level

    Mike stated he was confident he could stop the wet with an internal layer of tanking. He said 12 month Warranty. He did come back and try to rectify 4 times, but the tanking is a complete failure. It is blistering falling off, inside walls are running wet, no paint can ever dry and will just push off under water pressure, as has tanking. The warranty has no value, it has failed but nothing can be done. I will have to do the job properly from the outside myself next year. I have successfully resolved this exact issue myself in the past on other much bigger projects. I am very competent with a 20 year science background. I do know what I am talking about. Mike tried his best but his approach was never likely to fix the problem, I gave him the benefit if the doubt, but it was a waste of time and money. I will have to knock off all this 'tanking' next year, after I stop the wet running through. Sorry to place negative feedback, but I cannot do anything else at this stage.

    Damp & Mould Cure Services's reply:

    I must say I am a little surprised that negative feedback has been left. As you are aware when we came to do the original survey we discussed 3 different options available to you. The best option was to have the external ground level lowered so that we could put in a new damp proof course, this option was dismissed by yourself due to time and cost. We then explained that the majority of the time membrane sheeting would be plugged to the wall as this has replaced tanking on most occasions and we could then fix batons and plaster boards and then plaster or just put on panelling. Again this option was not taken as you preferred the cheaper option which was the tanking solution.
    As you pointed out we came back 4 times and put more tanking on but after the second visit we explained to you and your parents that the best option would be for us to use the membrane sheeting if you were not prepared to have the ground level lowered as this would keep the garage dry. At the time of the initial survey you asked about a guarantee and I explained that we could not give you one due to the ground level on the side wall and that if there was a problem it would happen within the first few months and that I would see what else could be done if this happened, which we have by coming back 4 times.
    It seems that you have now agreed in your feedback that the best solution as we said from the start was to lower the ground level on the side wall.

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