Custard Space

We love working with timber, so if your project has an element of wood involved, consider us interested! Whether you are looking to transform an unused space in your home with a smart storage solution, or are after a unique piece of furniture. We are specialists when it comes to top-quality design and manufacture of bespoke joinery and specialist furniture. We are committed to creating the very finest fitted and free-standing pieces that slot seamlessly into your desired location.


  1. Carpentry
  2. Joinery & Cabinet Making

About Custard Space

Custard Space was set up in 2000 by its founder, Matt King, who named the company after his favourite dessert. Alongside being delicious, custard is known to have an incredibly diverse range of uses and can be added to make pretty much anything taste better - which is precisely how Matt saw his carpentry and joinery skills! After all, beautifully designed woodwork and craftsmanship can be applied to almost any space to dramatically alter its appearance, feel and use. Over the years, Custard Space has grown from a one-man workshop into a budding business employing some of the finest craftsmen in the local area.

What Makes Us Unique?
Custard Space takes away the stress of sourcing each individual component that comes with bespoke carpentry. We work closely with you to take care of the concept, design, manufacture and installation of your piece of furniture, storage solution or structure. We masterfully balance your needs and vision with our own creativity to deliver only the best bespoke outcome for your space.

Creative Ideas

Here at Custard Space we kick-start the creative process by arranging a free consultation with you to view your space and discuss your ideas in-depth. As our team works by taking care of each step of the process, from design development all the way through to installation, it's essential that we have a clear understanding of your vision and requirements. This important first step allows us to gain a well-rounded understanding of your requirements, sizing, materials, etc.

Professional Team

We value our growing customer base and our reputation is in the hands of each individual that makes up our team. We rigorously vet and train each one of our team members so that we can promise you consistency when it comes to any job we undertake. Rest assured, whoever we send out to work on your project will have ample experience to take care of the job at hand. What makes our woodwork stand out is the love our craftsmen have for the work they do. Each piece we create is completed in house which ensures an all round high standard of manufacture and a speedy installation time.

Expert Advice

At Custard Space we pride ourselves on giving honest advice and realistic expectations for any project we undertake, without charging you a penny. We welcome clients asking us questions and will always do our best in answering them to put your mind at ease. Our priority has always been to deliver the very best solution for your space, with hard work and integrity.

Fully Insured

We aim to always meet the exact requirements discussed with our clients while also delivering the highest-quality product possible. In order to make sure all our jobs are completed as smoothly as possible, Custard Space is fully ensured. You can be assured that should anything not go to plan, we will always be able to set things straight again at no additional cost to you.

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