Creative Furniture Solutions

20 years of experience in home improvement in terms of furniture, kitchen and bathrooms. Experienced in fitting modern kitchens and bathrooms. Provide support to assemble, extend or add compartment to your furniture. Modernise your old kitchen. Highly efficient in build-in wardrobes. Repair leaking taps/pipes and do plumbing, and more. If you want something sustainable, modern and in a reasonable budget, I am the right person to contact. Solve your home problems to perfection.


  1. Kitchen Fitting
  2. Handyman
  3. Bathroom Fitting
  4. Decking
  5. Tiling

About Creative Furniture Solutions

Your bathrooms and kitchen tell about your taste. Creative Furniture Solutions is a service business that ensures creativity in your house through your kitchen and bathroom settings. Creative Furniture Solutions adds the touch of creativity in your furniture/kitchen/bathroom and make it a proof of your aesthetic taste.
What is unique about Creative Furniture Solutions-
• 20 years experience of home improvement that includes kitchen, bathroom and built-in wardrobes.
- Fitting modern kitchens.
- Make space in your old kitchen and give more capacity and a new look.
-Repair your kitchen leaks, door problems, worktop problems etc.
- Lighting your kitchen to modernise it.
- Fitting modern bathrooms.
- Change the layout of your old bathroom and give it a new look.
- Repair your bathroom leaks.
- Add modern facilities i.e furniture, smart mirrors, rainfall showers and screens in your bathroom.
- Fixing your old furniture with problematic doors or less space to make it like new.
- Building wardrobes in your extra unused space i.e. under the staircase.
-Assembling and upgrading your readymade furniture.
-Painting and decorating.
-Creative lighting.
-Wooden and laminated floors.
-Overall home improvement.

*** You are getting all of these services in AFFORDABLE BUDGET.
So make your house modern and effective. Go with creative furniture solutions.
Solve your home problems to perfection.


Public Liability Insurance

Limit of indemnity: £2,000,000.00
Valid until: 16th Mar 2022