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C J Norton Building Services are a Sheffield based company who deliver building services to domestic homes. Twenty years experience delivering excellent workmanship on domestic properties. Whatever project you have in mind, big or small, challenging locations or jobs? No problem, contact us!


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Why do our customer choose us? We put it down to our 'user friendly' team and our resourceful attitude. For 20 years we have consistently delivered quality work on time, to budget and specification.

There are three important things you should know about C J Norton Building Services:

1.We deliver a trustworthy service with honest opinions so you acquire the knowledge you deserve to make informed decisions. We believe as our client your dream matters and it is important to us that we realise that for you in the best way possible. We trust that by giving you the best honest advice based on our extensive experience, you can make the right decisions to suit 'you'.

2.Our Goal is to provide you with a hassle free project in a stress free environment. As a responsible company, we understand that your safety and comfort are very important. We hope to work with as little disruption to yourselves as possible and aim to eliminate any concerns you may have. Our experienced team use planning and management systems to run your projects and endeavour to ensure a stress free and timely completion.

3.There's no such thing as a problem that can't be overcome. Our team are impressively determined. This, combined with our length and breadth of experience, means that we have become exceptionally skilled at navigating difficulties during the planning, improvements, renovations or building phases. There are no problems - just obstacles to overcome!

Having begun life as a humble family building business, we are now a talented team with many tradesmen. You can feel assured that C J Norton Building Services are the right choice where honest advice and services to suit 'you' are our company standard. All our work is fully insured and guaranteed.
C J Norton Building Services mission is to improve your home for your future comfort and investment.

Everything inside a building which makes it safe and comfortable to be in, comes under the title of 'Building services'. A building must do what it is designed to do - not just provide shelter but also be an environment where people can live, work and enjoy.
We are here to realise your goals and dreams.

C J Norton Building Services attention to service and devotion to you has made us a popular choice with our clients. With a wide range of services to choose from, you're sure to find exactly what help you're looking for. If you require assistance, we will provide you with our expert guidance.

We can offer you a wide range of services to suit your budget and criteria.

Whether you are looking for a complete new build, home renovation or just general maintenance we are here to help and advise you the best way possible.

We have an extensive amount of services to offer you. Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individual attention and innovative solutions.
We also provide specialist services for the mobility impaired and the elderly.

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