Christopher Law

Property Refurbishment: Bathroom, Kitchens & Tiling: Roof repairs & Renewal: Construction carpentry and dry-lining: Plastering: All the things you need to make your home Beautiful and Comfortable.


  • 1.Restoration & Refurbishment
  • 2.Kitchen Fitting
  • 3.Bathroom Fitting
  • 4.Tiling
  • 5.Carpentry & Joinery
  • 6.Painting & Decorating
  • 7.Plastering

About Christopher Law

My Father was an apprenticeship served boilermaker working on Steam locomotives so from an early age I was shown the correct way to work and look after my tools.
I have worked in the building trade full time for ten years, although really it has been all of my life. I enjoy producing work that exceeds the brief by discussing with my clients, as the project progresses, how they can improve upon initial design. I particularly enjoy tiling because with careful work it is possible to really lift the final impact.


I am able to use all tools with deft precision.
I tend to rely on a hand saw as my main cutting tool, it is all too easy to imagine that a mechanical saw saves time, very often they just spread the mess about with no real gain. It is important to remember though that repetitive work can be completed very quickly with power tools and to use them where appropriate, some modern tools are however indispensable.
I have worked on all types of construction from Cobb and lime render to Huge steel pillars or delicate Plank & Muntin screens.

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