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1990-2005 Foreman /Subcontractor , for builder and maintenance and decoration section mullaley contruction/maintenance Ltd. 2005-2006 subcontractor/Builder private households renovations,refurbishment etc. What I Do --------------------------------- As carpenter /builder of over 26 year's experience, my skill comes with experience in knowing how to trust my judgements decisions . Work History --------------------------------- 26 years in the building and construction industry with a diverse knowledge of all aspects the industry Beginning in November 1979 as an apprentice formwork carpenter/shuttering carpenter .working alongside no fewer than 5experience,competent foremen throughout my apprenticeship ,i drew on their vast knowledge and expertise ,learning the fundamental skills of planning ,setting out and ogranising.1979 -1985 Shuttering carpenter 1985-1999 Registers selfemployedcarpenter/builder iwork for a variety of small subcontractor and private household (north&south london 1997-1998 work forSHARPS BEDROOMS LTD all over london


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