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I love my profese. I am hard working and easy learner. I would like to get job in UK to broad my experiences and improve my english What I Do --------------------------------- Furniture assembly and designing. Carpentring. Pretty much anthing with wood {doors, windows, shelves, cupbards, etc.} . Work History --------------------------------- Through school years every vacation work as a trainee at Furniture making company in Zlin, czech republic 1993 September-2000 December - Furniture making company Zlin -- furniture maker 2001 January - 2002 May - Building and Construction company Brno, Czech republic-- carpenter 2002 July - 2003 December - Sart s.r.o. interior designing {furniture, interior} -- designer 2004 February -2005 May - Renovation of Historic Antiquites specialized in furniture Regio, Italy 2005 July moved to England since then general work


  1. Joinery & Cabinet Making

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