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I am 28 years old, from Dublin Ireland and a London resident since 2005. I have been working as a self-employed handyman and removals agent for the past 6 months. I do not have many formal trade qualifications (I'm actually an anthropology graduate) but I do have an inquiring mind, broad experience and a can-do attitude. I also have a good network of other tradespeople who I can recommend for work outside the scope of my business. When I'm not working I love to skateboard, surf, play pool, learn new skills, fix and break things! Most importantly I'm positive minded, honest and friendly. I like to do a job well and leave my customers happy. I promise fair prices and polite efficient service every job.


  1. Joinery & Cabinet Making


C&G Level 1 - Joinery & Furniture Making Here are details of the types of work I have experience in:

Electrical: wiring and commissioning of domestic electrical fixtures including high current 35Amp items (showers, cookers, storage heaters etc), diagnosis of faults. Re-wiring of older buildings, commercial offices, routing of trays and trunking, installation of floor-boxes etc. Some experience with CAT5 cabling and testing, PAT testing and repair of electrical appliances.

Home Entertainment: installation and testing of audio visual entertainment systems to a high aesthetic standard including recommendation of components and accessories within a budget, surface-mounting of displays and speakers, hiding cable routes and a/v component boxes, use of wireless technology to minimise cabling and labour costs for multi-room systems, understanding of the competing demands of fidelity and convenience and explaining this in layman terms.

IT: software installation and troubleshooting in Windows environment (98 – Vista); hardware troubleshooting, upgrades and replacement; custom build and commission of PC systems to a budget and user spec.

Decorating: wallpaper stripping, surface preparation, filling and smoothing, painting surfaces and fittings, snag and clean up.

Woodwork: traditional furniture joinery; creation of simple sturdy wooden structures for interior and exterior use; traditional hand tool usage, power tool usage.

Metalwork: rust removal and proofing, priming and painting, use of angle grinders, metal drilling and fitting. Experience gained from boat restoration project (photos in my CV file.

Plumbing: interior and exterior drain unblocking, repair and replacement of damaged taps and piping, flush and remove airlocks from radiators, installation of electric power showers.

Landscaping: construction of free standing cemented walls, laying of traditional stone patios including pointing and drainage.

Demolition and Salvage: stripping of interior fixtures and fittings (e.g. parquet, piping, woodwork). Clean, organise and catalogue materials for resale or re-use.

Removals and Storage: arrange, pack, transport and store items in an efficient manager that maximises space and minimises breakages.

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