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As you can see i have been on my builder since 2011 still with 100% feedback. CC landscaping. Fencing and decking specialist.Reliable friendly and honest workman here to help with your garden needs.FENCING.DECKING.ARTIFICIAL LAWNS.BLOCK PAVING. the name is your guarantee CC Landscaping

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About cclandscaping

Callum Cullip CClandscaping fencing,timber decking and landscaping specialist.

CC landscaping established 2007

Mr Cullip with over 10 years experience left school and started working for a Bodleys woodyard in loughton milton keynes. for any one who lives in the buckinghamshire area would no that Bodleys have been established since 1958 and have the best reputation for fencing in the area.because of this successful company I learned every thing there is to no about fencing.

Qualifications & accreditations

Expieriance is my qualification and the pure fact that the majority of CC landscapings work is word of mouth. Practice makes perfect and ive been a builder since ive left school

Fencing. With over 10 years experience

Timber decking, patios, Artificial lawns

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