Hi am honest reliable builder air aim is costumer 100percent satisfaction.all my work is done to a high standard so you the home owener will have the confidence of a builder or paver for the driveway or patio


  1. Driveways (Paved & Loose Surface)
  2. Tarmac Surfaces
  3. Landscaping
  4. Garden Maintenance
  5. Decking
  6. Fencing

About Cakonipaving

With over 18 years of experience cakonipaving is based in Borehamwood herts is specialising in all aspects of property maintenance.we specialise in block paving driveways patios in any designs and we do brick walls fencing turfing for as all jobs are important small or big is same

Latest reviews

  • Driveway repair and power wash

    Flamur and his team did an excellent job providing me with a lovely driveway. The job took 3 man days (1 man on the first day, 2 men on the second) working from 7:30-3pm. They were very punctual and hard working. They did some repairs to the driveway and had a good vision on how to give the driveway a pattern that looked great. I am so pleased with the result.

  • New 2 car driveway

    Flamur visited my front yard and quoted me a price, after comparing the quotes, I hired him to do my driveway. However, on the first day of the job, he came back to me and said he found that there are 50cm off concrete. He cannot do the job without increasing the price by £900! We offered extra £500 for him to continue the job, however, he asked for £750 at minimum. Think twice, we don’t understand why client need to pay for his underestimation of work, so we finally find another company to do the driveway.

    Cakonipaving's reply:

    Hi when realising is 50cm off concrete I increased my quote so please people like you are here just to write negative feedback back
    Please state how much other company charge before you write a shitt comment

  • Reinstate blocks after services work.

    Let me down at last minute! No common decency to call and let me know. I've been using my builder for a very long time and its one of the few times I have felt the need to leave feedback. Make up your own minds about this guy, if you choose to shortlist him. I'm sure he will have a world of excuses about my feedback and slag me off no end. Well he can call me if he wants to have it out.....he's got my number!

    Cakonipaving's reply:

    How did I let you down I asked to push the job three days later
    You know is winter you could never worked out 100percent exact dates because if 2days raining it changes everything on the schedule