We are a traderman who is acting in London for 6 years. In this moment we have contracts with several comapnies in UK an now we want to be part of My Builder website family. We want to share our experience with you Thank you,


  1. Hard Flooring


As work history we can say that we have jobs every day. In 2-3 sites a day and we have some several workers as labour, handyman and other qualifications. Every worker are welcome and any new ideea.

This, with mybuilder website, was ideea of a friend of mine, and now we want to proceep into.
Now we have a lot experience with big companies like Baratt ,St George
and many agency around the London
We offer first quality and trust for our customers now we continue with this big company but we like the share and show our experience to homeowners and who wants to hire as yo can visit all previous work in mybuilder profile
We have reasonable prices for the job .
Thanks lot for a visit my profile
Our projects
•Bella Cosa restaurant refurbishment
Located in Marshall island of dog London
•Layca mobile call centre location
South quay
•show room agency saller location Altgate East
And lot small jobs flats house fittings
Thanks because it shortlist me
I'm happy to do your job
Thanks for you visit in mybuilder profile


As we said, we have lots of qualifications
•Painting Decorating walls ceiling woodwork
•floor laying (laminate engineering floor solid hard wooden floors )

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