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What I Do --------------------------------- I am a data engineer - installing cables ( cat 5e , 6) . I can do electrican job - 1st and 2nd fixing . Work History --------------------------------- From 20th August 2005 until present ( Contract) Comunica Ltd. · install Cabinets and Bay together, build and instal APF frames, managemants panals , trays , labeling and etc. · Installation, terminating and testing cat 5e, cat 6, coax, Voice and Fiber cables.( instal 24 way harnes&inter links, 24 way backbone loom, fibre bb and voice) terminating ( 4 way box and UTP panels 24way) · install loom and smash in · Cut links to lenght and labeling and etc. From January 2005 until august 2005 (Contract) Highams Park Electrical and Mechanical Services (Reading PFI) Reading . · 1st and 2nd fix electrical in hosing estate . fixing ( lights, fans, single & double sockets and fire alarms ) . From March 2003 until January 2005 (Contract) Teswaine Business Communications Ltd (The BBC Project, White City) London Voice and Data Engineer · Installation, terminating and testing cat 5e, cat 6, coax, Voice and Fiber cables. · Used Fluke DSP 430, ModTap and telephone butt as a test equipment. · Installing 19inches Cabinets, managements panels, baskets and trays, trunking, conduits, labelling and etc. · Cables worked with at this site: Avaya. · More info about the project is available at: From February 2002 until December 2002 Bitelcom Communications Ltd, Sofia Assistant Network Analyst · Overall management of the Trusts Ethernet based network, including performance monitoring and troubleshooting, utilising Cabletron Spectrum NMS, 3Com Transcend NMS and Novell Lanalyser. · 1st and 2nd level hardware and software support for the Trusts extensive PC based networks, covering Novell 3.12, 4.1 and 4.11, Windows 2000, and various flavours of Unix, at both server and client level, and incorporating more than 16 file servers and over 200 client PC’s. Supported hardware consisted of Compaq Proliant rackmounted file servers, with Dell Intel Pentium based PC’s as clients. · Provision of hardware and software support for the 3Com network hubs, bridges and routers, including configuration and management of the two 3Com Cellplex ATM switches, and a Wellfleet Router. · Purchase, configuration and installation of all new network hardware and software, including its evaluation and testing. · Installation and maintenance of all network cabling, incorporating single mode optical fibre and Cat5 UTP. From July 2001 until December 2001 Bank of America, Sofia - Bulgaria (6 Months Contract) Voice and Data Engineer · Terminating Coax, Voice (50 and 100), CAT 6 UTP cables, fibre optic cables, laying both single & multimode fibre cables. Trace and test Voice, CAT 6 & fibre cables when faults are reported. · Planning work on the provision of data and telecomm network services for a large building development, including design of the structured cabling, ATM network design and some project planning. From June 1999 until April 2001 Katra FM, Plovdiv Desktop Support · Used dedicated software and hardware, based on Windows environment. Main duties required the liaison with IT Management in client offices to determine existing working practices and hardware available (I am used to working on all Windows platforms). Implementation of software and hardware on network (LAN and WAN based) would then take place. Once installation was complete the training of the IT dept and the end users was essential, this would determine the level and quality of support calls later. I handled all support calls, from both user questions and troubleshooting, in-house. Any system crashes or database malfunction was initially tackled over the phone, then via remote access / handled on site. · During my time at KATRA FM I designed, implemented, supported and maintained the company LAN that consisted of 12 workstations and 2 Linux servers (1 file server (Samba) and 1 web and email server (Squid and Sendmail)). I established a fully functioning Ethernet based network for minimal cost, which will continue to serve its purpose for the next 5-10 years. From April 1998 until April 1999 Ground Forces Academy - Dimitrovgrad Soldier · Military service is obligatory in Bulgaria and being of Bulgarian nationality, I had to get this out of the way at some point. I was drafted into the Ground Forces and after two months of infantry training, I was posted to the Ground Forces Academy in Dimitrovgrad. Here, apart from military duties (such as night guard and patrol duty with live ammunition), I helped give Windows 98 and MS Office training to the students at the academy and designed various confidential PowerPoint presentations. I was a soldier for a grand total of 12 months. From June 1996 until March 1998 Evrocom Plovdiv Ltd - Plovdiv Cable Puller/Engineer Initially employed as a cable-laying technician - responsible for building of the main company cable structure across Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria. I was promoted after a year to Backbone Field Engineer, responsible for tuning of the remote signal amplifiers, measuring and fine-tuning signal levels in the different parts of the bandwidth. Skills and attributes: I have been able to call upon previous experiences to help me in many difficult situations. After working in some many demanding environments, flexibility to ensure the customer, their staff and also my colleagues are satisfied with every aspect of the works being carried out is always the key to the efficient running of any project. This can only be achieved by good communication, some thing I work very hard to keep as a priority I am able to organise my own, as well as others, time to maximum efficiently, whilst retaining a professional standard. I am able to oversee tasks and projects to a high professional level and am able to organise others as well as my own time with a professional and mature attitude. I am PC literate and have a very good knowledge of Windows 2000 Pro, XP Pro, Unix (Linux), MS Office applications and I have recently passed the CCNA exam.


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