Hi my name is Walt, I am a very experienced in all aspects of double glazing repairs,and sash cords, having worked in this field for over 50 years. I have served my time with being a foreman for a very large glass company,to management. I am not a handyman, I only do the type of work that I am experienced at.Consultant to window and doors.


  1. Windows & Doors (uPVC & Metal)

About Window.Door.Restoration

I have over 45 years experience in the double glazing repair trade.
door locks.
door hinges.
door handles.
door adjustments.
window locks.
window handles.
window hinges.
door and window adjustments.
security locks fitted.
window restrictors.
window gaskets.
trickle vents.
double glazed units
window and door jammers.
door panels.
cat flaps.
And pretty much everything else related to this sort of work.
I have also found in my years of experiance,it is always best to replace than buying new double glazing when it is not needed.
I also specialise in secondary glazing.
Consultant to window and doors.


I have been in the glazing/double glazing trade for over 50 years.
worked for one of the biggest companies in England.
I have all qualifications, from replacing glass small to shopfront size.
domestic to commercial glazing.
I have been a glass foreman to a shop manager.
there is not much i do not know about the glazing/repair industry!
I am also a qualified Locksmith.

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