MH Art Build

MH Art Build is a successful combination of experienced carpenters and skilled designers/3D visualizers who take our service to the next level. We can help you design & build the perfect bespoke piece of furniture for your home/office/garden. Whether you want a simple box, table, bookcase, wardrobe or a whole kitchen, all jobs are approached and executed with equal thought, care, and attention to detail!


  • 1.Carpenter & Joiner
  • 2.Kitchen Fitter

About MH Art Build

Bespoke kitchens, alcove&walk-in wardrobes, bookcases, floating shelving, radiator covers, garden storage sheds/units/benches, doors, windows, desks, counters, tables, tv stands etc. etc.
Our bespoke furniture will appeal to all customers, who like individuality and appreciate quality!