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DARLEY PAVING are the no 1 specialists in BLOCK PAVING, PATIO'S, SLABBING, GARDEN WALLS, DECKING, FENCING as well as all general landscaping all our ground work is machine prepared and our brick work finish is available with a wide choice of individual designs,patterns and colours.We are a famiy run business that has been estadlished for over 15 years and cover wide area.with our vast wealth of experience you can rely darlely paving to create the perfect look though a professional and reliable service. After all your inspiration and planning the last thing you want is your dream ruined by inept workmanship and unless you are a keen 'DIY'er, it's much more reassuring to have your new wall, patio or driveway professionally installed. This is where "DARLEY PAVING" comes in to fulfill your dream of a top quality & high standard finish.

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Darley paving are no1 in driveways.we have done various driveways in block paving and tarmac all to suit the client every need.we do a wide range of patterns and colours.we also cover PATIO,SLABBING,PATHS,WALLS,and DECKING all to meet the customers every need.

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