Bart Spray System Ltd

Over 15 years experience in quality refurbishment of houses.We offer services for private and business customers in London.Our estimates are very reasonable,always get the work done on time and constantly keep the client informed about work progress.All ours work is carried to the highest standards OUR GUARANTEES!!! You will always find someone CHEAPER. We will complete your project in a fraction of the TIME. We will deliver an amazing FINISH. Don’t you want your project to be guaranteed?


  • 1.Bathroom Fitter
  • 2.Tiler
  • 3.Painter & Decorator
  • 4.Handyman
  • 5.Plasterer

About Bart Spray System Ltd

Our company has been on the market since 2000. We established the company in Poland and Italy, and now our services are available also in the Great Britain. If you plan to paint the walls or renovate other surfaces, our offer will definitely interest you. We provide painting services for individual clients as well as enterprises and institutions.

We respect our customers and therefore we provide services at the highest quality and at the affordable prices. We have many years of experience in doing such as jobs and what is more, we use the most modern equipment what can shorten the time of the renovation jobs.

AIrless spray painting systems can be used to paint nearly any building surface and can be used to apply dispersion paint (emulsions), oil paints, water based paints, polishes, wood impregnators and other paints

our employees have ipaf, pasma and cscs certificates

we work to the highest standards of cleanliness, safety and efficiency

airless spray painting:

-large surface areas



-stores, warehouses

-industrial buildings, factories

-unfinished homes


-wood impregnating



we also offer interior finishing and renovation services.