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Hi all, I am Jason Beard. I established Back to Bare in 1998, how time flies . We provide a full and comprehensive floor and wood renovation service, gained over many years. I pride myself, on giving all clients the best possible end result. And will advise accordingly to achieve this .


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About Back to Bare Floor Renovation

The typical daily projects would for the main, be in domestic residencies. However, we undertake all manner of work, from say, a small utility room to a great church hall, with parts dating to 900 AD. So varied to say the least. Floor sanding and sealing is our true speciality. We stain floors also and I will go to great lengths to replicate a colour, and not just give you a choice of 1 or 2 straight from the tin!!! At this point the colour sample/s will be put on the floor and once agreed upon, signed by the client before further work commences. Of course, we lay flooring from Parquet and Engineered to Solid Wood and Laminate. I also have a keen eye for interior design and will invariably steer a client to the best end result with a suggestion of say paint colour choices, or with room styles to agree with the style and colour of flooring used. I started off many years ago, paint stripping, with the dipping of doors, interior woodwork and furniture finishing with stains, varnish, waxes and oils etc . The company I worked for, were also doing floor sanding and sealing . When they had an influx of floors they needed an extra body. So I was taken from the workshop, to a flat in Balham. Briefly, I was shown how to use a floor sander and edger and left to get on with the job in hand. This was to sand a bedroom and lounge floor to the required grade and coated twice with wax, and buffed . I completed said job by 8 45 pm. The client was a teacher so I could work late as she wouldn't be home. I was picked up at 9 pm and the job was inspected. In the van on the way home, Phil the boss said to me that they were the best floors they had done, a great compliment if I may say so myself. I was promptly taken from the workshop and put into the flooring side of things. A short while later Phil, split the profit with me on all jobs after materials as an added incentive for me to work hard and fast. I would also do work for one of the other building companies within the building, who were friends with Phil . A lot of this work was in the chain of slug and lettuce public houses. So that is a brief introduction to how I got started in the flooring trade. I stayed for a while and learnt more about the dipping side of things, when in between flooring jobs. I along with Barry, Phils stepson, implemented a new structure for the dipping side of the business to make things more efficient for all concerned at the yard as Phil had let things slip. To his credit he took it on board and let us move things forward. I left a while later and went from job to job painting, decorating, labouring, building work and as a sales rep for a cab firm . Until I went back to my true love of work that is floor sanding, the finishing of floors and all things wood . And set up on my own in 1998. I have a great rapport with all clients many have gone on to become firm friends and repeat clients over the years.


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