ASBESTOSAFE'S sister company is Ellis Felt Roofing Service Est. 1972. Our felt roofing systems installations come with a 10 or 15 year company guarantee. All installers have been trained specifically in the Felt Roofing trade by Mr Ellis who has been a felt a roofer since 1968.We do not use subcontractors , all tradesman are in house


  1. Pitched Roofing
  2. Flat Roofing


I have been the proprietor of a felt roof company since 1972 and now i am also the M.D of ASBESTOSAFE ® ltd that specialises in installing a unique system over corrugated/cement/asbesotsafe roofs to provide a guaranteed waterproof and insulating system. Benefits : The guarantees offered do not reflect the life expectancy of ASBESTOSAFE ® in fact the systems should far exceed the guarantee period by many years. This is because of the insulation value ASBESTOSAFE ® provides, is enough to make the existing structure inert to the various change of temperatures that a roof experiences in its lifetime, causing movement and fatigue as a felt roofing system on a traditional ply or timber decked roof experiences. When the day does come that the roof needs attention, ASBESTOSAFE ® would not need replacing like many timber roofs, just simply overlaid with some new felt as ASBESTOSAFE ® does not rot, split or suffer from any other defects that traditional timber decking can suffer from after a time.

As well as the benefits listed above, the installation of ASBESTOSAFE ® compared to taking the existing Asbestos roof off completely and re-decking with either new cement fibre sheets or new joists, timber decking and a new felt roofing system, are as follows: No need to empty the inside of the building as in most cases we cause absolutely no disruption to the interior at all and the new finished ASBESTOSAFE ® will look and be exactly the same as new joists, re-decking etc, but can save up to 40% . And remember, the roof is no longer fragile and cannot be easily vandalized, plus of course it is also maintainable, less expensive and convienent than total replacement, a single roof installed in less than a day, no need to empty the garage,In short, yes there are other systems on the market, but none so robust, maintainable and comprehensively guaranteed.

Please note that although we use the descriptive “Encapsulation” we actually do not treat the underneath surface as it is generally not considered necessary. If left untouched the underneath does not present a health hazard unless of course it is drilled, sawn or broken while the doors or windows are shut, if there are any splits or cracks currently present on the corrugated sheets they can be sealed with any solvent based varnish or similar, also as a personal (your) choice, the underneath can be coated with a water based paint like "Sandtex" or a suspended ceiling could also be erected. These suggested works should be carried out by a separate contractor or the house holder as it is a service we do not provide.This system is unique and trademarked to ASBESTOSAFE ® and the only type of its kind in the UK, we work all over mainland UK. No pre-site visits necessarry, no subcontarctors , a Total family firm based in the London area but install all over mainland UK


I Was trained by the biggest UK felt roofing company "Ruberiod" now part of the IKO Group back in 1969 before starting my own company in 1972 called Ellis Felt Roofing Service. As a felt fixer on Ruberoid Iworked on huge projects like The Barbican Centre London. My company Ellis felt Roofing Service although mainly carried out domestic contracts also worked for local authorities like Watford Borough Council as well as property holding companies. Ellis Roofing have carried out many re-felt roofing contracts for residents asscociations. Ellis Felt Roofing is amongst the longest established felt roofing companies in Hertfordshire. Was a long time member of The Felt Roofing Association (FRA) and FMB. all installers on Ellis Roofing and my current company ASBESTOSAFE ® ltd have been trained to the same stringent methods as I was.

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