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i really wish to have an apprenticeship as an electrician so if anyone is willing to employ someone and give them a lifetime opurtunity and enable them to become successful as well as hiring themselves a very keen and hard working person.As i have said before i wish for an apprenticeship somewhere in the construction business What I Do --------------------------------- I\'m Interested in trying to get an apprenticeship somewhere within the construction area,I\'m more interested in becoming an electrician and I\'m looking for an apprenticeship offer as i have NO qualifications in the industry as of yet. Work History --------------------------------- I have worked for Sainsbury supermarkets and i am now ready for a full time job/learning oppurtunity i was to get an apprenticeship in the construction side , I am available through out all of the work at all hours i can travel anywhere as i have a full U.K drivers license + car but will not travel anywhere greater than a 30-40 mile distance from the preston area.


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