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Tomlinson Roofing

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Below are this tradesman's answers to questions posted by our community.

Would a professional plasterer use one coat plaster?

No a pro plasterer will not use one coat, they will use pink gypsum or similar, and apply two coats.A lot of DIY people use one coat.You will need to get rid of the one coat and start again for a pro finish

Tomlinson Roofing 1st Mar, 2011

Hello Guys, I had my boiler moved today. Its a glow worm 30ci when I turn it on it try's to fire up a couple of times then shows f9. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Dave

Get a gas safe engineer out and he will check your manufacture instructions

Tomlinson Roofing 24th Feb, 2011

When I empty my bathroom sink or flush the loo water comes up through the shower plug hole? The loo also fills up quite a bit as does the downstairs loo?

Sounds like its backing up. You probably have the sink waste pipe going into the shower waste pipe. I would run a seperate waste for the shower, basin,into the soil stack, and check out your soil stack for your loo, sounds like a possible blockage.

Tomlinson Roofing 15th Mar, 2011

Radiators - 3 work, 2 don't!

Sounds like new pipes required, as all above, they sound like they are solid, i use 15 mm for rads. Get 3 quotes from other plumbers to compare price.

Tomlinson Roofing 15th Mar, 2011

Tapping noise from the waste pipe when the shower/ bath is run


Your pipes could not be secure (Clipped) or you need to look at the washers.

Tomlinson Roofing 7th Apr, 2011

Should I worry about a constantly wet bathroom floor?

You should always have aquaboard/waterproof board laid prior to tiling any bathroom floor. If water gets through at least your floor is protected. Marine ply is a cheap option that should be avoided at all times.If the tiles are laid right, grouted right they should not let any water through. A fleible adhesive should be used to allow for any movement.

Tomlinson Roofing 24th Feb, 2011

Eggy Smell From Boiler - any ideas?

Hi have your boiler serviced by a gas safe engineer asap

Tomlinson Roofing 1st Mar, 2011

why our some rad not heating up

I would recomend a flush, once that has been done balance your rads, turn them all off, the ones that do not get much heat at the moment, turn them on slow. Once you have them nice and warm, turn the others on slow, until heat comes through. This should do the job. I assume this problem has only just started.

Tomlinson Roofing 11th Mar, 2011

I am looking to buy a property, possibly one that requires some refurbishment. How would I know if heating and electrics would need to be re-done and roughly how much with this cost? Thank you

As per the first 2 replies, depends on the area and costings for new electrics, heating. For the boiler ask a gas safe guy to have a look at it all. They will not charge your for estimates, and teh estate agents should let you have access for this to happen. Ask the sellers how old the boiler is etc.

Tomlinson Roofing 17th Mar, 2011

My new toilet is leaking.

It sounds like the cistern is not sitting correct on the toilet pan. Remove cistern check all washers, you have a large rubber doughnut washer between pan and cistern make sure thats ok,check other fixings are secure and re-fit cistern.

When you tighten the bolts do this in an even way so the cistern sits even on the pan, if you tighten one more than the other it could not sit correct and may leak.

Hope thats helps

Tomlinson Roofing 7th Apr, 2011

Does adding washing up liquid to mortar weaken it?

I have seen builders use this and seen the end results which were not good.It looks quite funny when you see a builder mixing and he is stood there with the fairy bottle !!! You are always better using a good quality plastisier.

Tomlinson Roofing 20th Feb, 2011

Which are the best option: bigger single radiators or smaller doubles?

Double are better, type 22 they push out more btu per hour than the type 21

Tomlinson Roofing 1st Mar, 2011

whats the best item to buy first when re-doing a bathroom ie bath set or shower unit

Buy all at once, if you fit your bath, then tile, then get your shower unit you will have to remove the tiles to run your pipes to the shower, depending what type of shower you get.i assume you would not like to see ugly pipes ???

Tomlinson Roofing 1st Mar, 2011

Cold tap in kitchen moves an inch back and forth but no water comes out. Any ideas whats wrong and how to fix? Thanks

Probably needs a new tap washer, or the stem inside could be broken. But it needs stripping down to have a look.

Tomlinson Roofing 2nd Mar, 2011

Advice on when to get a shower fitted


You need to run your pipes (first fix), fit your shower base, seal, then tile and fit your shower unit etc.

Tomlinson Roofing 15th Mar, 2011

Faulty boiler


Not good, it is people like that who give plumbers a bad name, agree with all comments. Not sure if anyone agrees but your not far from a new boiler at that price depending on KW. Does the boiler work ok now, was he sure the pcb had gone.

Tomlinson Roofing 15th Mar, 2011

renew guttering


Not sure what prices are in London but i would be looking at about £300

Hope this helps

Tomlinson Roofing 24th Mar, 2011

can i demolish airing cupboard wall after removing hot water cylinder to make my bathroom big and rectangle? is this ok?

Hi i have never come across one yet that is load bearing, agree with previous answers

Tomlinson Roofing 21st Apr, 2011

Fitting a Gas cooker / gas supply to it + a few more gas related question

Hope the following is a guide for you.
1- £100-£150
2- £200- £250
3. £40.00

AKS Plumbing Heating

Tomlinson Roofing 12th May, 2011

A recent survey suggested improving air ventilation in the roof space, how would you go about acheiving this?

You could do this via your soffits depends if they are would or plastic, you can plastic soffits with vents etc

Hope this helps

Tomlinson Roofing 13th Jul, 2011

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