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WARNING! Don't Even Think About Choosing Anyone With Your Bathroom Remodelling Until You Read This...... Unlike the BIG Companies we care about our customers. We only do one job at a time. Giving YOU 100% of our time our time. After all YOU are very IMPORTANT to us. All our time and energy is focused on YOU and giving YOU the best service possible. We want YOU to recommend us to YOUR friends and for You to do that we have to give YOU such a good service. continue reading........


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About Tansley Home Improvements

I don't know if we are for YOU or not? If YOU are buying on price ONLY. Then we are not for YOU. There are many Handyman out there that will work for YOU and I recommend YOU give them a CALL.

NOW we know YOU don't mind paying a high price for a PROFESSIONAL JOB. As YOU know you pay a premium for highly skilled tradesmen and an average price for Handymen.

We are the Bathroom experts and ONLY do ONE Bathroom at a time. Focusing 100% on YOU. Yes this type of service does cost more. But YOU get a completed Bathroom on time to a very High standard. Quality work takes time. Because of this, we can ONLY Remodel 12 Bathrooms a year.

All jobs are project manged by myself. What that means you can talk to me direct each day. Have you ever tried getting hold of a supervisor to answer your questions? Near impossible and when you do get hold of them, do they care? Nope they have so much on their plate they haven't got time or interest to sort your problem out. They have got hundreds of problems to sort out every day.


The number one complaint is leaks and water damage in Bathrooms. You have to use the RIGHT products in a WET ZONE to avoid water damage. Don't penny pinch thinking you are going to save money in the short term. Because when you get a leak it's going to COST TEN TIMES the price to put it right.

A Bathroom should last you 20 years. Designs and fashion changes first before your bathroom fails. When you think long term your bathroom is a sound investment and investing the extra money you will get a better valve in return. Now doesn't that make sense?

Now where do you want to go from here?


Public Liability Insurance

Limit of indemnity: £2,000,000.00
Valid until: 31st Mar 2019