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Hi, Steve from Tansley Home Improvements, based in Crawley. My attention at the end of this message is to get YOU to invite me to come round and get ME to renovate YOUR BATHROOM for YOU. NOW DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION TO THE END OF THIS MESSAGE? We are one of the very few companies that actually install new bathrooms the RIGHT WAY. NOW, how does that benefit YOU? Because we use the correct martial's and installation methods we guarantee YOUR bathroom is going to out last other installers.


  • 1.Bathroom Fitter
  • 2.Plumber
  • 3.Tiler

About Tansley Home Improvements

Know what you want, and what YOUR bathroom is being used for.

A bathroom is not just for washing.

A family with young children needs to be kids friendly. It wants to be warm and bath time wants to be fun. Kids love toys to play with at bath time so storage is important.

Busy people tend to go for showers as they are quick and convenient. They need to be big enough for two.

If YOU want to relax then a bath is the way to go. Your room wants to warm and comfortable and the lighting wants to set the mood. After all you going to be there for a while. Aren't you?

What every your reason is the work needs to be carried out to a high standard. Most settle for below average as they go for the cheapest price and then wonder why their bathroom leaks and why they have so many issues.

Those who have brought a new house. I can guarantee you that within a very short time you are going to have issues. Why do I say this. I have seen how house basher's install bathrooms. 4 different tradesmen all trying to earn money onsite. The only way to earn money onsite is to be quick. No one cares, as long as they get paid. Site mangers don't care as they hit their targets. Companies don't care as they only see profits. Do YOU get the pitcher?

Plumbers think they can renovate bathrooms. No they can't. There is far more to renovating a bathroom than just plumbing. Bathroom renovations are a specialists trade. A bathroom is a wet zone and must be protected from water damage and mould. Damp will cause mould to grow which will give you a chest infection and can lead to death if someone is ill or old. You don't want that do you?

When you are renovating your bathroom, you are investing in yourself. How much do you think you are worth?


Public Liability Insurance

Limit of indemnity: £2,000,000.00
Valid until: 31st Mar 2019