Strand Grp

We specialize in laying fibreglass flat roof coverings. This process has been proven to outlast traditional felt roofs by up to 3 times and is suitable for both new build properties and as a replacement for existing flat roofs. Our work is covered by a 20 year guarantee.


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About Strand Grp

Our business has been established since 2005 and in that time we have worked for some of the largest organisations in Scotland like Fife council, Scottish Water, NHS, Scottish Power, Morrison Construction and Velux.

We also have a long list of private clients that we have undertaken flat roof replacements for on house extensions, garages, sheds, workshops and even a pigeon loft!

Prior to that, I have personally been involved in the fibreglass industry for over 17 years working for several large scale fibreglass moulding companies. Fibreglass is a very versatile product and in that time I have made everything from boat hulls and kiddie rides, to bus bodywork and water tanks.


The roof of a house is one of the most important components of the whole structure. We have the necessary skill, experience and materials to ensure it remains an attractive, wind and watertight feature of your home for up to 40 years.

As a customer looking for the best, longest lasting, most watertight roof covering you can get, I believe you will struggle to find a better service and product than what we offer.

Laying fibreglass properly is a highly skilled process and we are one of very few companies operating in the whole of Scotland experienced enough to carry out this work.

In fact, we now undertake all fibreglass roof requests for a local traditional roofer, after they tried it and made a hash of it. This is not a DIY skill that can be picked up in a weekend. It involves the precise mixing of certain chemicals and years of experience to account for changes in temperature and humidity.

That said, fibreglass roofing is relatively simple compared to the highly complex process of manufacturing motorcycle and racing car bodywork, industrial satellite dish covers and motion simulators. These are some of the other projects we carry out for private and commercial customers throughout the UK.