Independent accurate, responsible , disposal .25 year experiences,England,Poland,Germany,Russia


  1. Bathroom Fitting
  2. Repointing
  3. Windows & Doors (Wooden)
  4. Windows & Doors (uPVC & Metal)
  5. Bricklaying

About adambuilder

01.03.2007. I opened my own business and continuing construction sole trade02.06.2004-30.10.206 bricklayer-plaster 2B Construction Ltd at Kegworth England 27.02.2004-14.11.03 industrial worker in Emmett England 11.09.2002-30.01.2003 briclayer Atrium in Berlin Germany 12.07.2001-24.08.2001 briclayer Mitex in Kielce contract in Germany, 11.09.1996-31.12.1999 bricklayer-plaster worker in General Construcion Enterprince Poland 13.05.1996-30.06.1996 construcjon foreman Z.B.O.i R.J Poland 04.01.1995-31.12.1995 bricklayer-plaster Workshops of Monument Conservation export building in Russia-Moscow 01.11.1993-31.05.1994 briclayer-plaster P.P.H.U Poland 03.07.1992-30.06.1993 bricklayer-plaster Remont Poland 19.04.1998-31.12.1990 bricklayer-plaster General Construction Trade Poland 20.08.1984-11.04.1988 construcion foreman of Technical Services Enterprince Poland


1979-1981 Trade Construction School-bricklayer-plaster, 1981-1984 Secondary Construction School-technicians, 1990-Construction authorities-specialty-Construction and Building, 1992 Technical Inspection Authorities for crane service,line foot-pace, 1999 Periodical training of Industrial Safety, 2005-2006 South Nottingham College -English communicative,CIS card, CS CS What I Do
16 year experiences.Construction of new buildings, rough conditions and final construction work,repairs and adaptation of the buildings.Brick and block.Construction works,plaster works,divide wall and carton and gypsum veneer,repairs of facade,knowledge of technical drawing.Experiences Poland,Germany,Russia, England/4 years/.Polish team.Co-operate with electrician and plumber.Offer wide range working.Quickly,professionally,