Prestige Wood Flooring LTD

  • Real Wood Parquet Floor Installation

    We're extremely happy with the work Christian and his team did with the real ash parquet floor they laid in our new extension, we could not fault the job they have done, and it has exceeded our expectations. They don't cut any corners and leave the job clean and tidy.

    My wife and I would highly recommend using them, and we will certainly use them again.

  • Parquet laying with sound insulation Highbury

  • Chevron Parquet Installation

  • Herringbone wood flooring to be installed ground floor

    Christian did a very good job for us. He was professional, courteous and worked across the holiday period (and while suffering from flu) to complete our job in good time and at a fair price. I would definitely recommend using him to anyone who is looking for a highly skilled craftsman.

  • Install new engineered flooring -floor specialists only

    Christian's team did a great job of taking out the original wooden flooring, levelling the subfloors and installing new engineered wood flooring and skirting.

    His team worked long hours to complete the job quickly.


  • Wood floors and electric underfloor heating 3 rooms+

    Christian’s team took a complex job with underfloor heating: wood (for most of the flat) and tiles (bath and kitchen). As the flat wasn’t the newest one but a refurbishment, when odd situations occurred, I got clear details of root causes and options to go ahead.

    His team took great care for receiving, storing and transporting the materials which was very handy.

    Overall a superb job with great attention to detail and a lot of professionalism.

  • Installation of wood floor in herringbone pattern

    Cristian is more than just a trader; he is a craftsman who take deep pride in the quality of his work. Cristian’s work is of a very high quality and I am happy with the flooring he has installed. Cristian:

    - Provided natural wood and materials
    - Levelled and damp proofed the sub-floors
    - Installed, sanded and stained the floors in colours of my choosing
    - Provided a border and matching radiator covers

    There were, as in any major project, tense moments and lessons learnt. However, we were able to work through issues largely constructively. As some advise for potential customers, I would suggest the following to get the best out of working with Cristian:

    - Cristian takes pride in his work and will want the conditions to be right for his work to be as good as it can be. He was upfront about this with us; and I advise that you work out with Cristian and document exactly what would need to be in place upfront.

    - If there are multiple traders and dependencies in place, work out upfront a clear work schedule and make sure everyone agrees to that, and all parties should consistently manage expectations.

    - Understand quotes at a granular level; labour, time and materials and whether any other costs of doing business are passed on. Also agree a clear process for any changes and additional costs.

    With the above basics, and if you want a beautiful floor, I believe Cristian will do a high quality job for you.

  • Flooring

  • Install engineered wood herringbone flooring

    Christian installed around 90sqm of smoked oak herringbone flooring. Christian and team were really good, kept me updated with everything throughout the process. He is always detailed and mostly covers everything in his updates.

    Unfortunately, my decorators spoiled the floor before the final finish without proper protection, since the flooring was brushed everything was covered with white dust along with lots of scratches. It was heartbreaking to see the £8000 floor look like a wreck.

    But again, Christian came to the rescue, he refinished the floor to such a standard that it looked brand new again. I cant thank him enough for the good job and bringing back the floor to the best standard.

    He is very knowledgeable, but dont stop yourself from asking lots of questions. I would definitely hire him again.

  • Engineered herringbone flooring 60m2

    Prestige did a fantastic job. They were a professional company, started the job on time, were very tidy and courteous throughout, and most importantly, fit the floor perfectly. I was also impressed that Christian absolutely listened to what I wanted and didn’t try and upsell a more expensive fitting. They were the easiest contractor to deal with on my whole build. 10/10 all round

  • Parquet floor job north west London

    It's important people have the facts - good and bad - before they hire, in the spirit of a public review site.
    You can see problems in other reviews, or implicitly where many reviews are missing.
    Summary: Christian did a good quality job on our parquet floor, but I endured huge pain in the process (more than any other contractor dealings ever in my experience).
    - passionate and knowledgeable about flooring and strives for a good job
    - he and staff are pleasant in person
    - end product quality was good
    - came back to "fix" things
    - Communication: unclear, inconsistent, and misleading communication had consequences. Eg. (i) delayed start date (ii) retrospectively changed terms of his warranty (iii) didn't tell us he'd left the large front window of our unattended house wide open overnight
    - Delays: guaranteed job completion within 7-10 business days (including any delays). finished 1 week late
    - Organisation: didn't take any notes at our 1st meeting so forgot key details around the scope and then wanted to charge extra
    - Dishonest: eg. a tub of glue punctured in his van. He then tried to charge me for extra glue by blaming the concrete substrate.
    - Final finish choice: we agreed i would choose final finish, but instead he tried to push me to take a Matt finish without seeing other options. Resulted in pointless 45 minute debate about definition of a choice
    - Unprofessional: amazingly he blamed my religion as a reason for me being "difficult"

    Prestige Wood Flooring LTD's reply:

    You wanted for us to work as cheap as possible plus to have very good materials and very good/ skilled labor force.Unfortunately these can't match;either you go cheap and deal with the results/consequences , no questions asked or pay the price asked and have requirements.In my case I can't work cheap, underrate myself and deliver high standards because this high standard is based on my 23 years in the flooring industry and show it to you in a couple of hours.You had issues with all knowing builders and not just me,you changed the aspect of the job and when I told you how is supposed to be done you went for cheap options but still required for me to give you warranty.If you don't trust me in the way I have advised you,you shouldn't have hired me from the beginning. But if you did, then follow my expertise and don't undermine my knowledge in this field pretending that you are an expert.No delays,i didn't promise you anything,I finished the job in the time frame( here you lie) I don't need a note pad( I have the phone).You lied again,the glue was used for your repairs( I did it for free) plus the extra work which I did it for free as well.You knew from the beginning that you didn't have any extra money so we went just for clear coats.Took you more than 45 min to decide which one you will want. This is how difficult of a person you are!It doesn't matter how good I can be,going above and beyond to deliver the standard required but with people like you,they will never be satisfied.

  • Engineered flooring installed throughout 2 bed flat

    Christian and his team worked very quickly and with a high degree of professionalism. I love my floors and would highly recommend Prestige Custom Wood Flooring Ltd!

  • 14 Solid Oak Wood stair cladding installation

  • Engineered wood installation Hackney

    Christian installed engineered wood throughout my downstairs.

    I'm very happy with the result and how Christian worked throughout the process. His prices were competitve and he laid out very clearly each item in the quote. We discussed in detail each aspect of the project and the materials to choose, which was very helpful for me as I haven't had this done in the past.

    He was communicative throughout the process, meeting me before and throughout the build to discuss plans and progress. He and his team worked very hard and the result is fantastic. Christian has a real eye for detail and the finish he's achieved is great.

    I'd definitely recommend Christian to anyone looking for their wooden floor project!

  • Fitting Flooring

  • Wood Floor Restoration

    Good job overall, very satisfied with the results. Could improve on communication and timeliness, but would use going forward.

  • Laying of a Parquet floor, approx. 50 m2

  • Parquet flooring - initial quote needed

    Christian and his team put down a double herringbone parquet in my hallway and living room. I ordered some (untreated) oak planks from Poland and the floor required quite a lot of preparation work. We went for a raw wood look at the end, which required some additional sanding. Although it took longer than expected, it was well worth the wait and investment... The results are superb! Christian was very professional and accommodating. He is also clearly passionate (as well as hugely knowledgeable) about his work . I would strongly recommend him.

  • Sanding and oiling floor

    All good. was some problems along the way that were dealt with well.

  • Install engineered wood flooring in new extension

  • 170m2 of oak flooring

  • Install herringbone wood flooring and fit staircase

  • Fit Engineered Oak flooring in lounge

    Christian did a fantastic job of laying an engineered-oak floor in our flat.

    He was thoroughly dedicated, friendly and helpful throughout the process and I would recommend him to anyone who needs similar work done!

  • Engineered wood flooring and stone tile for 3 bed flat

  • Engineered wood flooring in 1 bed flat with stairs

    Cristian did a great job in my 1 bedroom flat, laying hardwood floors throughout the entire flat. Not only did he do a great job with the floors and staircases but he also supplied the wood at a good price. I was on holiday when the work was done and Cris was very good with communicating and keeping me updated with progress etc. No complaints and I’ve already recommended him to a work colleague.

  • Wax and Seal the Oak floors in my apartment

    Christian was a pleasure to work with. I was not in London at the time that the works were being completed, but he was very professional and the job was completed to a very high standard. I am over the moon with the result. He kept in touch throughout the job, and informed me when there may be a slight delay. All of the furniture was protected, and work was carried out in a very logical manner. I have already recommended him to some colleagues of mine, and would recommend him to anyone looking to sand and seal floors in their home. Thankyou Christian and the team!

  • Fit wood flooring in my home

  • Laying herringbone flooring in front room

    Christian's work is second to none.

    The workmanship is spectacular and the finish amazing.

    I am completely happy with the final product and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. You will not be disappointed with the result, of that I am certain.

    The one issue I did have, and this is not to take anything away from Christian or his skills and talent, but I found the communication sometimes hard.

    Of course, this is didn't effect the final outcome of the job nor how happy I am with the result, but just something that sometimes frustrated me (and I am sure Christian also!!).

    End of the day, he is a professional. He is a very nice guy. His work is perfection.

    Would I use him again, YES.

    Are people envious of my floor... Yes!

  • New herringbone wooden floor

    Chistian he is the most professional flooring guy I have ever met.
    Came in short time to measure up and brought lots wood samples for us to choose. Offered us a good price and arranged for fitting in good timing. He and his team even cleaned up daily the workplace and also took all the rubbish after they finish. The stairs are done very nice, in solid oak and super-professional!
    I don't think other floor fitters can finish at this high standard. The herringbone wooden floors has been installed very good and I am very pleased with the results. Every corner of each room was cut very precisely for new wood border to go along the walls. We are very very happy with flooring and the staircase works done.
    I strongly recommended Christian to all my friends.

  • New floor in whole flat

  • Fit engineered wooden floor in 4 rooms

    It was a pleasure to deal with Christian and his team from start to finish. Christian guided us in the right type of wood to buy for our project, sent us some links and explained the different options to us: removing the skirting boards vs applying beading, taking up the floor boards vs placing floating wood on top etc. He made a detailed quote for the work,separating the labour, parts and material + options such as trimming the doors so we knew where we were going.
    Timing was agreed and actually went much quicker than expected which was great, having a young baby in the house.
    Christian and his team worked around a couple of "obstacles" in the house such as an underfloor water valve and fireplaces in a way that is esthetically pleasing.
    We are very happy with our new floor and the finish and have peace of mind that the work is under warranty for 4 years.

  • Floor fitters for Retail Store

    Cannot say enough how much of a pleasure it was to work with Cristian and his team. Cristian was extremely responsive and highly knowledgable in this field. Him and his team were very helpful every step of the way in this project. Overall, would love to work with the Prestige Custom Wood Flooring team again and would highly recommend anyone working with this team.

  • Fit 65sqm click system engineered wood planks

    Good service and honest

  • Herringbone flooring install

    African walnut herringbone flooring to be
    Refurbishments/Sand, Seal and final finish
    Top quality finish and solid wood flooring install.

    Cristian was great with short notice changes
    Overall very happy with finish.

  • Wooden flooring

  • Laying of wooden floor (chevron pattern) in new loft

    Christian and his team were extremely thorough, hard-working and skilled. They finished the job to a high standard ahead of time. Christian was always helpful, positive and friendly. I would definitely chose to work with Christian again in the future.

  • Herringbone wood flooring installation

    Amazing approach from Prestige Custom Wood Flooring LTD!
    He responded almost right away to both of my inquiries; herringbone flooring job – a little over 130sqm and wood staircase works.
    He provided a comprehensive quote and I felt very confident that he will do an amazing job so, not to lose any precious time, I hired him right away.
    From start to finish, from delivery of his product, subfloor preparation, sanding process and other bits, he worked side by side with his team, especially getting the herringbone installation done to a very high standard, on time and to be pointed; they cleaned up spotless afterwards!!!
    Christian was very helpful and flexible with the various unseen problems, especially due to the subfloor issues. He made perfect subfloors, seamless, on both levels.
    I cannot recommend Christian from Prestige Custom Wood Flooring LTD enough, he is a truly great and amazing craftsman in this field, he takes pride in what he does and with this job, he is done for me a top quality wooden floors.
    My new herringbone wooden floor it is absolutely stunning!!!!!
    You got 5 stars*****, from me and more recommendations,

  • Wood staircases

    Again, Christian from Prestige Custom Wood Flooring LTD delivered stunning quality and craft work. He created 2 new staircases with love and care, taking enough time to transform our home in a beautiful place to live in. Clean, smooth, nice solid oak wood provided, beautiful stain color and finishes and the end results exceeded our expectations. We are very happy with his work and craftsmanship.
    He is personable, reliable and hardworking we would recommend him and look forward to him doing further work in our house. We truly love our new wood staircases and the new wooden floors!!!! Have him in our home was the best choice ever made!!
    5 stars from me, again ***** and Thank you very much, Kylie

  • Floor board fitting

    Cristian and his crew were great from start to finish. He was able to get me a discount on the flooring I wanted saving me money. He turned up when he said he would and his team worked hard until the job was done. I was really happy with the quality of the finish. Cristian made some great recommendations as to how we finish off some of the tricky corners and difficult stairs (and all the other idiosyncrasies of an older house). All costing was fair and cheaper than other quotes I had. Not necessarily the cheapest, but I was prepared to pay a bit more for quality. They repaired the subfloor, and so far we have had no squeaking or creaking. Over the span of my renovations I worked with 8 different trades. Cristian was the best. No headaches. No fuss. 100% trust. Thanks mate.

  • Installing engineered flooring on a 2 bed flat

    We hired Christian and his team to install engineered floor in our ground floor flat. Apart from providing one of the most detailed quotes and being one of the most responsive tradespeople we dealt with, their prices were very reasonable compared to others.
    What seemed a straightforward job in the beginning got complicated when, upon lifting the old laminate in the living room they found a big damp patch that had been covered without drying.
    Although they could have covered it again like the previous installerd did, they advised us to dry it for our own health and that of our new floor. They lifted the original flooring until they reached the concrete and dried it with heaters before applying 3 coats of damp proof membrane before installing the flooring.
    They didn't only install the flooring but also new skirting, which they sourced at trade prices, and painted it. The finishes were excellent, so much so that we asked them to apply an additional coat of oil. The quote they gave us for this was very low, so we were very happy.
    They also worked really quickly and cleanly. At the end of each day the tools would be neatly organised to avoid annoyance and the flat would be clean of dust and debris.
    I would recommend Prestige to anyone looking for a great job at fair prices.

  • Installing wooden floor

    Christian is a very knowledgeable guy who works very hard to get the job completed with quality craftsmanship. I'm very happy with my new floor and Christian also found a very nice solutions to a problem that I had in my hallway, this man is the best 100%

  • Fitting of engineered wood throughout one bedroom flat

    Christian and co did a great job of laying flooring through my flat. He could be a little difficult to get hold of at times but took the work seriously and the whole process didn’t take as long as I’d expected. He also came back to finish some minor bits off when necessary. All in all, I’m very pleased with the result.

  • Fit engineered wooden floor on staircase

    Christian has been the right choice for this job and we will definitely hire him again if we need a similar kind of work. He is very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience, his advice has been very helpful. He works very well and on time, and is always there when needed. He has also been very patience and accommodating with our changes and new developments. We cannot recommend him enough.

  • Laminate flooring fitting in a 2bed flat - next week

    Christian did an excellent job. The finish of his work is very professional and the project finished on time. I am happy to recommend him.

  • removal and laying of engineered wood

    Did the job as advertised, there were a few hiccups along the way but overall a positive experience. Keen to stay in touch as Christian has been helpful with a few snagging items as part of his aftercare service.

  • Fit Junkers flooring in Hallway

    Professional and knowledgeable. Good work ethic. Would recommend

  • removal and replacement of wooden floor

    If you want your wooden floors to be done professionally, Christian is the right person to choose.
    I hired him because of the extensive experience and craftsmanship in herringbone wood flooring installation and his quote was very clear and straightforward.

    The job was quite complicated; taking out all the old flooring, putting insulation between joists, making the floor level, installing new 18mm plywood, supplying and install new oak wood blocks, supplying and install new skirting, sanding and apply the finishes.
    We had our whole home fitted with this beautiful prime grade herringbone solid oak wood block supplied by Christian’s company.

    He also added a very nice dark Wenge wood border stripe around the walls and kitchen area. Look stunning, very very happy with the results.
    I will highly recommend Christian and his company Prestige Custom Wood Flooring LTD based on the quality, price and finish they created in my home. Thanks again!

  • Fit engineered parquet wood floor

    Great work by Christian's guys. Hard working and conscientious, lovely finish. Would recommend.
    Job: laying 35m2 of engineered parquet flooring with border.

  • Fitting laminate flooring in our new build

    Christian and his team were excellent in every way. Christian was always punctual, courteous and treated the job seriously. He ensured that we were happy with the result and addressed any small issues straight away. The job was completed on time and the flooring looks absolutely lovely. We have had some positive comments from people already. The bonus of it all was that he left the flat in a very clean state. I would whole heartedly recommend him and his team.

  • Fitting of 100m2 oak flooring and revamp staircase

    Work done
    Floorleveling and preparations
    Fitting 110m2 engineered oak
    Fitting skirting board
    Oiled floor
    Prepared and glossed skirting boards
    Fitting door frames

    Prepare staircase
    Fitting staircase steps
    Fitting and finishing Banistairs, Railings and spindles

    We had a larger extension and a new conservatory built and as such needed someone to lay the floor and cover old staircase, the new build had some minor issues in boundaries between old and new floors, but Christian and team managed to make our flooring flow seamlessly between living room, conservatory, dining room and kitchen. All without breaks or slopes well done.

    Christian and team worked effortlessly for several weeks fitting our flooring and staircase. They are professional, clean and tidy. It was a pleasure having someone in your home, caring for it and being proud of their own work, its like a breath of fresh air after all the builders had gone. I would strongly recommend them.

  • Engineered wood flooring

    Christian and his team fitted engineered wood flooring in our new kitchen.

    His team were very professional and polite and performed the work to a high standard. Christian is clearly very knowledgable about wooden flooring and also cares about ensuring that the results remain as good as possible for as long as possible by considering things such as potential water penetration and insulation. He was also able to suggest bespoke solutions to potential obstacles (for example fitting the flooring in a particular way next to the bi-fold doors to prevent water penetration) and also explained the plan of action in a detailed way to gain agreement prior to commencing the work.

    We had to change the proposed date for the floor fitting due to late delivery of the flooring and Christian was happy to accommodate this which was greatly appreciated.

    Whilst Christian was considerably more expensive than some other quotes I received, the quality of his work (and most importantly the care taken to future proof the work) is worth it. There are some small areas that could have been finished better but luckily these are in less visible areas of the room. Overall we are very happy with the work and would recommend Christian to others and for future work.

  • Fitting of engineered flooring

    We've been asking all of our friends if they need any flooring done because we're itching to recommend these guys. They were able to source solid Oak flooring for the same price or less even than the engineered wood we were considering. Appearance wise, it beats everything we saw previously.

    As well as researching the wood thoroughly, we spoke to a LOT of traders. Most were angling for the lowest price point by focusing on the quickest and easiest method to lay the floor - engineered wood with underlay and beading along the skirting board.

    But Christian's team remove the skirting so the wood goes under neatly, remove old floorboards, level and secure the joists before fitting plywood to make the oak floor flat and feel solid under the feet. And they use thick insulation rather than wafer thin gold underlay. This makes for very quiet flooring for our neighbours below. And the stairs were custom made with beautiful rounded edges. The banisters were removed and fixed directly to the floor for an amazing finish.

    I don't need to use superlatives in this review. Just explaining things in factual terms should be enough to convince any readers. You will pay a bit more than the 'beading' service providers because they spend more time doing things well. But as flooring is expensive as a material, spending a lot overall is unavoidable. It would be a huge mistake to spend a lot and not be as happy with the final result as you will be with Prestige Custom Wood Flooring.

  • Engineered wood - chevron style

    Excellent team, very professional. They take great care in every detail, so the end product is of very high quality/standard.

    They’re used to laying all sorts of complicated patterns, trims.

    They’re on time, extremely hard working and polite.

    I have already hired them again and will continue to do so for all my projects.

  • Herringbone Solid Floor Installation

    Christian laid a Herringbone Hornbeam floor with a twin stripe wenge perimeter. He also installed a 3m diameter circular feature. He is clearly very knowledgeable in floor installation, including intricate edgings and special features. The end result was beautiful.

    I've had many floors installed over the years and would have no hesitation in recommending Christian. In addition to his technical knowledge, he is also somewhat of an artist when it comes to intricate (an difficult) floor design and installation.

    Finally, he was helpful in allowing us to meet deadlines, even though our floor was laid during the busy pre-Christmas period.

  • Sanding, varnishing and some minor repairs to the floor

  • Replace Wood Floor Boards

  • Wooden flooring to be install

    Prestige Custum Wood Flooring represented by Cristian Dunca, give me great satisfaction with the service and work completed by the team from Prestige’. From the moment Cristian visit the property I was helped in a most gracious and knowledgeable manner.

    He knew the products, made excellent suggestions, and gave timelines which were adhered to as specified. The team who installed the flooring supervise by Cristian’ arrived very punctually, were friendly, worked in a most efficient way and did an excellent job. I was most impressed by the entire process and would certainly recommend Prestige Custum Wood Flooring.

  • Engineered Timber flooring in first floor flat, Oval

    We gave Christian and his team a tricky task - re-floor an small 60 sq.m flat...whilst we carried on living in it! Not for the faint hearted.
    The solution was to move furniture etc out of half the flat, finish the flooring in that area, and then swap.
    The PCW flooring team approached the challenge with enthusiasm and finesse, and the results are fantastic. Solid oak boards laid throughout, including bathroom, kitchen and WC. A beautiful and simple clear varnish finish, which really lets the character and warmth of the oak speak for itself. Seamless installation - no joins or threshold strips. Project was finished a few months ago, and the flooring just gets better with time.
    We are thrilled with the results, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Prestige Custom Wood Flooring.

  • Fitting new wooden floor

    Christian and his team fitted solid oak floor throughout our house. Christian was responsive from initial quote to final finish and the end results are fabulous. Christian was able to create the bespoke staircase we wanted even though this wasn't in the original brief and made sure we were completely satisfied with every aspect.
    The job did take longer than expected, but if you want the job done properly you have to put up with this. We will definitely use Prestige Custom Flooring in the future.

  • New herringbone parquet laying

    Trustworthy and good at communicating. Love my new floor. Was flexible.

  • Wooden flooring specialist

    Our floor looks amazing. Cristian and his team were excellent. They laid an engineered wood floor in a pattern of differing widths and lengths, so it was not straightforward. We are really pleased with the result and would not hesitate to recommend Cristian.

  • fitting herringbone parquet wooden floor

    Christian and his team did a thoroughly professional job, the pattern was not the easiest to fit, and it had to flow between 3 rooms of the house. Although his team took some time to complete the job, it was worth the wait! I will almost certainly be using them again in the future.

  • Replacing the floor throughout the flat

    Christian and his team were absolutely amazing! They installed approx 50sqm of laminate flooring and skirting boards in my flat and I couldn't be more happy with the results. Floor looks amazing, work was done really fast, his team was punctual, polite and tidy and Christian always available to answer my questions. You can see immediately that he really knows what he's talking about and for someone like me, who has no clue about the flooring, it was great to know that I could trust him to do a good job. Also the final price was very, very reasonable.
    Basically it's a no-brainier - if you look for someone to do your floors, Christian is the guy you should call!

  • Sand floor to matt finish

  • Wood floor needs a hard wax to protect it

    Christian did a great job, I would highly recommend him. He sanded down and applied a hard wax throughout the downstairs of our house as it is wood flooring. My wood floor looks fantastic now. He was nice to deal with, very polite and kept me in the loop.

  • Sanding and oiling of floorboards in four rooms

    Great service and extremely happy with the finish. Would recommend very highly!

  • Fit Engineered Wood Flooring

  • Timber flooring installation 70m2

    Christian was always on time and presentable, he knew what he was talking about and had some great ideas, he wasn’t the cheapest quotation but it was the most thorough and so we decided to go with him. The work he did for us was very good and his team were very helpful throughout the whole process.

  • Laying 60 sq metre engineered flooring lounge, hallway

    Christian and his team installed, stained whitewash and oiled my oak wood flooring to specification and 100% perfection to our entire house. Very honest team and done the job to specification and very professional. Would definitely recommend you use them. He knows his stuff about solid wood flooring and oiling and sealing the floor. When his team oiled the raw oak floor, I realized he and his team knew what they were doing. They oiled the floor and stained it whitewash by applying and buffing by hand with rags, on their knees. It seemed like very hard work, the reason they done it like this is because you could still see the grain of the wood rather applying it with a roller. The team applied 3 coats of stain and sealed the entire floor. Would highly recommend them if you want an expert in fitting wooden flooring. This was a bespoke brief for whitewash flooring which I couldn’t achieve by purchasing it off the shelf. The quote was very reasonable considering how much effort went into achieving my wife’s vision of whitewash flooring.

  • retreating hardwax-oiled oak floor

    The wooden floors in my flat look absolutely beautiful again, thanks to the work of Christian and his colleagues. Not only did he do a great job, but he was also able to accommodate a change of plans that required the works to be done sooner than initially discussed.

    As others have commented, he was friendly, very helpful, explained things clearly and was dedicated to doing a high quality job.

    I would certainly use him again and recommend him to others.

  • Engineered wooden flooring fitting

    Cristian and his colleagues did a superb job of replacing the wooden floor throughout my flat. Removed the old floor and underlay as tidily as possible and ensured that the new floor was expertly laid. Great communication throughout and even made a trim from the flooring boards to ensure that it was a perfect match to bridge the gap between the floor and patio doors. Cristian is clearly passionate about his work and the quality of finish clearly demonstrates this. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Cristian to others.

  • House Wood Flooring

    Project scope: House hard wood floor ~ 100 sqm - overall >10K
    Christian and his team and completed the job as per my wishes.
    On this project, there were furniture already within the house but they moved them and protected them adequately.
    There were some delays during the project we worked out.

  • Laying engineered wood floors

    Christian and his team installed approx 50sqm of engineered wood flooring and skirting boards in my flat. They turned up on time and completed the work within the agreed timescale. I'm really happy with the finished product and would definitely use him again.

  • Floor fitter

    Do not hesitate in using Cristian and his team the finished product is professional
    Great communication from start to finish great feedback on quality of products and suitable materials to ensure a high end finish. Pay that little extra for a prompt and fast job you will not be disappointed with the end result 10/10

  • Timber floor


    We have just gone through two and a half years of hell with a floor they laid at our house in Walthamstow.

    The floor was defective, a court appointed Independent Expert ruled the floor was defective,and I have a District Court judgment against Prestige Custom Wood Flooring for £9,739.00, (County Court of Clerkenwell and Shorteditch, Case No. E9QZ798W dated 22 March 2018), which they refuse to pay on the basis of having no money.

    You will regret doing business with this man or his company, Prestige Custom Wood Flooring.

    Please feel free to call me if you need any clarification [Contact details removed by MyBuilder]
    Paul R

    Prestige Wood Flooring LTD's reply:

    Just to be clear to the current and future clientele. I never worked for this person, ever! Second this person - Paul R., he won at the beginning this case because I didn't receive any legal papers from the court and he got a Judgement in default which I appealed. Then I went to trial against this person and won the case on 28th of June 2019. The whole case was dismissed based on the facts that this crook and liar- person named Paul R. tried to rob me for over £9,739.00, he didn't succeed and the judged threw out the case based on the following;
    - no trace of money between me and him ( personal and business)
    - no contract between me and him including Mrs. Isobel
    - no flooring job done between me, my company and him.
    After I won, he used the old papers and tried to make all kind of threats against me, against my company and my family, trying to manipulate me, leaving all kind of negative reviews all over the internet-( which I removed most of them-the legal way), in order to give him £6,000 in cash( he promised that after I will give him the money he will remove all these negative reviews), over three months period, which I totally refused. I have all the emails, legal papers to prove that. He just wanted any bit of money he could get from me and also wanted to stain my reputation.
    He is a crook and a liar. Tradesmen- Beware of this person.

  • Wood Flooring Installation SW13

    Christian was great to work with from the beginning, he has great knowledge and experience on all types of wooden floors and he is passionate about what he does. We ended up getting natural oak wood from him, re-laying plywood throughout the property and then installing the wooden floors. Him and his guys worked well and fast and Christian was great at keeping us updated. He then stained the wood to the colour of our choice which was a light natural grey and it looks perfect! We cant wait to move in!

  • New wood floors for 2 bed flat

    Christian put new engineered wood flooring in my 2 bed flat, including on the staircase. He is enthusiastic and knowledgable about his work and his team were a pleasure to have around - they worked around me living in the flat the whole time, and were very conscientious about cleaning and tidying everything at the end of each day. The floor and stairs look wonderful and I would gladly recommend them to anyone.

  • Engineered floor fitting

    Christian and his team did a great job of fitting my new wood flooring. He was very knowledgable from the beginning and made some really good suggestions about how I could change the direction of the flooring to create different looks within the rooms. The job was was completed to a very high standard and there was a very good attention to detail with everything. I would definitely recommend Christian to others and would use him again on future projects.

  • Laying flooring in new extension

    We hired Christian to lay parquet/herringbone wood flooring in our new extension - I cannot recommend him highly enough. His work throughout was excellent and it was clear from start to finish that he is a perfectionist who takes pride in his finished product. We are delighted with the end product. He was very communicative and knowledgable and ensured no surprises throughout the process. I actually wish we had involved him sooner in prepping the area for the floor. We have done a refurb of a 3 bedroom house with a number of workmen - Christian is the best we have used and we thoroughly recommend him

  • Laying Herringbone Engineered Oak Wood Flooring

  • Levelling ground floor + fitting hardwood floor

    Highly competent guys that know their stuff and are friendly. They gave us a reasonably priced and detailed quote that swayed us to hire them.

    The job done is to a high professional standard and they left the place looking clean and tidy. It did take longer than we had perhaps expected, but it's often in the nature of these things that it's difficult to estimate precisely how long beforehand.

    To his credit Christian was proactive in sharing updates on the shifting deadline, and his regular presence on site and online reassured us that things were in hand.

    Would hire again.

  • Wooden flooring 3 bed house

    Christian and his team installed new flooring throughout our house - solid wood flooring and new skirting in living areas, hallways and three bedrooms and carpet on stairs.

    Although there were some snagging issues, Christian made sure that these were dealt with sufficiently and the finish is to the high standard he had promised from the start.

    The new wooden floors look beautiful and feel very solid to walk on. A particular highlight is our hallway where Christian designed a bespoke wood and tile pattern (the labour for which he offered for free) to fit an unusual space (a complicated task requiring high design and installation skills). We have already received lots of compliments from visitors on this.

  • Fitting engineered wood floors

    I hired Christian to fit wooden engineered floors purchased from another company and and he and his guys did a great job. Christian was very professional in the lead up to the job, talking through all aspects of the job with me and answering all my questions. His quote was also more competitive than others I got. He made himself available in the evenings to be able to meet at various stages. The job itself looks great, they levelled the subfloors, fitted the floors and replaced and painted all skirting boards around my flat so the finish looks perfect. Christian also gave me a 2yr warranty on the job in case any issues arise related to the fitting. I would definitely recommend Christian and his company to anyone looking for a professional and considerate wood fitter. Christian also offers much more sophisticated and specialist woodwork, but was just as committed to what was comparatively quite a simple job. Thanks!

  • Fitting wood floors

    Christian refitted all the floors in our flat. He did everything from removing the old floors and carpets, leveled all the floors, put in new subfloors, sourced all the wood, laid the parquet flooring and eventually sanded and finished everything. He has an eye for quality throughout and don't cut any corners. Also very friendly and easy to communicate with throughout and always true to his word. I unreservedly recommend Christian for any flooring job.

  • Parquet flooring

    I hired Custom Florring to lay a Versailles parquet flooring design on 42sq meters of floor. The finish exceeded my expectations, the team is very professional and trustworthy. I was so impressed with finished product that I have contracted them to lay new flooring on the rest of my home.

  • Floor sanding & painting - 6 rooms & stairs

    Cristian and his team worked very hard to complete sanding and staining floors in a four bedroom house. The finished result is excellent and I would recommend him and his team for any flooring work.

  • Engineered wood and electric underfloor installation

  • 220m2 Engineered Oak Parquet Installation

    Christian is a charming man who is clearly passionate about flooring and he and his team do excellent work. I am very pleased with the outcome although it did cost me more than I had realised (he undertook a lot of work to level sub floors first) and there were several stages to the work (sub floors, fitting, sanding, staining) which are carried out on different days and took several months to complete over the summer because he had a packed schedule and is understandably very busy.

  • sanding of parquet wood floors

    As always Christian and his team have done a great job. 100% positive feed back without a doubt.

  • Sanding and painting wooden flooring

    We hired Christian to sand and stain our floor, as well as to install skirting. He and his team went the extra mile to ensure that not only was the floor looked great but that it was also structurally robust (e.g. by replacing damaged floorboards). They really cared for it as if it was their own. Throughout the job the team were punctual and afterwards everything was cleared away and cleaned as if they had never been there.

  • Wood Flooring Requirement in West Kensington

    We hired Cristian this June to do the Chevron Parquet flooring for our apartment in June this year. Spoke to a lot of different flooring companies, but decided to go with Cristian because of the passion he showed for the flooring work. Cristian takes his work as an art, rather than plain vanilla laying of wood on the floor and we thought he will be the best guy to achieve the vision we had for the floor. During our discussions, lot of changes had to be made in the initial specification due to our building management requirement, but Cristian was always accommodating and made very good suggestions to meet building management expectations and achieve the result we wanted. The works he carried out for us were:

    - Fixing and levelling the sub-floors

    - Fitting high end acoustic subfloor boards in the house

    - Laying solid oak Chevron parquet flooring throughout the house

    - Polishing / finishing the chevron flooring

    - Fitting new high end skirting in the house

    He did a great job and we are very glad we got Cristian to do the work for us. Some of the areas of the house were tricky with crooked angles, but Cristian suggested laying the floor at 45 degrees instead of straight. The result looks amazing and you can barely notice the parts which are not fully straight. He had a great experience working with him and will highly recommend him to everyone.

  • Hardwood Parquet Flooring to be fitted.

    Christian and his team were exceptional. Not only is the installation and finish of the parquet flooring carried out to a first class standard, but they were a pleasure to have around. Very considerate, friendly, polite and consistantly clean.

    It is without saying that if I were to ever need flooring laid again, I wouldn't use anyone else. Christian would be the first and only person I would call.

  • Flooring required for 4 bed new build house

    Christian did the solid wood flooring for my house which ended up being quite a big job as it involved replacing the entire upper storey subfloors with plywood, installing thermal insulation, removing and painting skirtings and making the staircases.

    I was impressed with Christian's knowledge of flooring and there were no shortcuts taken - it felt like he wanted to do the best job possible rather than finishing up quickly and moving onto the next one. Christian was professional throughout, he was always there to meet me at the property and stuck to the costings which were clearly laid out for each stage.

    I would also like to praise the rest of Christian's team who were hard working and always friendly when I visited. The house was well cleaned after the work was completed and we could move in straight away.

    Overall an excellent job and would recommend!

  • Install Wooden Flooring

    Wow, what a job well done. I had a full refurbishment of all the floors and staircase in my house. I wanted to move in asap so it was important to get the works done quickly. Christian and his team worked long hours to get the job done on time and on budget. He rang me all the time to keep me updated on the works. most important of all I'm really happy with the completed work. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him

  • Staircase refurbished

    another job done to perfection by Christian and his team. I've used them before and would use them again. my stairs look amazing. Christian was speaking to me about some other projects he's done and he has a creative mind to run with any project. I really appreciated him helping out to fix any niggles along the way.

  • Staircase Renovation

  • Specialist parquet fitter required

    Christian and his team are true craftsmen who pay attention to every detail and leave a superb finish. They fitted around 25 sqm of parquet herringbone flooring in my lounge and hallway (and tiled my hearth) and I am thrilled with the results. They worked to preserve and enhance the period features and every detail is perfect (round corners, doorways, radiator pipes). Christian is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, communicating throughout the process about the best way to achieve the results I wanted. The price was also very reasonable and they left the flat spotless, even cleaning all of my plantation shutters etc.
    All in all a very happy customer, thank you so much!

  • Wooden flooring

    Christian and his team were fantastic. Christian and his team arrived on time on the first day and got straight to work. The team were were very polite and understood that we were leaving in the house whilst the work was going on. He delivered the work as promised and on time. They often worked long hours to keep on schedule which is rare. Christian was always available to answer any questions I had and explained everything very well.

    The last part of the job of sanding the floor and staining it was done while we were away in Canada and Christian still called me with regular updates.

    The floor looks amazing. Christian even designed an centre piece in the hallway and did not even charge me for it. please check out his facebook page for pictures.

    Bottom line if you are looking to have wood flooring installed you will be hard pressed not to be impressed buy his knowledge and professionalism.

    We will be using Christian again very soon.

    Thank you for a amazing job

    New Malden

    In a nut shell if you are looking for

  • Sanding & Staining 85 Sq Metre Oak wooden floorboards

    I recommend Christian and his team very highly. Prompt to reply to the initial ad to arrange a site visit. Upon meeting Christian you could tell he was an expert on wood flooring and provided a very reasonable quote for the work and subsequently we hired him. Very trustworthy as we left our keys for him to gain access to our property, removed furniture and covered areas prior to sanding, tidying afterwards. A genuine friendly guy of family orientation who cares about the service and work he provides. I suggest you hire him for anything related to wooden floors/staircases.

  • Engineered wooden flooring to be laid.

    Christian's team did an excellent job installing our engineered wooden flooring in our front room and porch area, they were very considerate in completing the job in one day on a Saturday. Christian was available on the phone at all times to answer questions and provide oversight of his teams work. Since the work has been completed he has also provided reassurance that should any issues arise in the near future he will remain contactable.

  • Replace engineered flooring approx 45m2 + tiled section

    Cristian and his team at Prestige Custom Wood Flooring did a fantastic job replacing 45m2 of wood flooring with new Boen engineered oak (a large area with underfloor heating) and also a small section of tiling to our entrance hall. Cristian took the time to understand the job and the finish we wanted to achieve. He was really helpful throughout the process and made some great recommendations. We are really pleased with the final result. The job was completed on time, and the team were always on time, kept us informed as the job progressed and were very friendly and trustworthy. We would highly recommend Prestige Custom Wood Flooring, they are very professional and deliver a quality finish for a good price.

  • Wooden Flooring for Stairs

    Christian has been polite and punctual throughout the process. The work was carried out quickly (in a single day), and to a very high standard. I would have no hesitation in engaging or recommending Christian for similar flooring work. A++++

  • Parquet flooring fitter needed

  • Sand and lacquer wood floor

    Cristian exceeded my expectation by making a faded and scratched floor look better than brand new. The sanding and oiling left the wood smooth and the grains and colours looking excellent. His manner was very professional and his general attitude was very helpful and enthusiastic to make me happy with the result.

  • strip, finish & paint staircase

    We contracted Cristian & his team because we had a staircase that was in dire need of repair and basically replacement. On the first impression I could tell he knew what he was talking about.

    From start to finish Cristian and his team did a great job of keeping me and my wife informed of what was being done and when the work would be finished.

    The end result is an absolutely beautiful staircase and I would not hesitate to hire them in future.

  • Supply and fit skirting boards

    Christian and his team did a fantastic job in supplying and fitting new skirting boards to two bedrooms and our hallway. They also nicely finished a chimney breast opening with poured concrete at the base - a nice feature we can now use to display plants, logs etc.

    The team were incredibly hard working and efficient and did a great job on cleaning up after themselves - removing any debris and equipment no longer in use as they progressed. The flat was left with only a very minimum amount of cleaning required after.

    The best thing about Christian and his team is the quality of the work and the pride they take in doing the job to the highest possible standard. He's also very knowledgable about different types of wood flooring and finishes and gave welcome advice on other areas of the property.

    I'd 100% recommend Christian and his team to others and we're keen to get them back to complete a carpentry project planned for the Summer.

  • Herringbone engineered flooring

    Christian and his team was commissioned to install approximately 40sqm2 of herringbone flooring in my house. From the initial meeting to point of undertaking the work and the aftercare has been second to none. Christian himself is a great communicator and I have no complaints whatsoever. His team were courteous, hard working and respectful. All in all I'm very pleased with the workmanship and and the finished product looks amazing. Highly recommended!

  • Flooring installation for an area of approx 80m2

    We contracted Christian and his team to:
    - Lay screed on the floor to level a 9cm ground slope from one side of our mid terraced house to the other
    - Block plane joists on 1st loor to make it flat and Instal laminate flooring

    The quality of their work was very good / professional and if I have a similar job to be done in future I would contact them first before anyone else (and I would be careful avoiding the cowboys roaming on this site who wrecked our floor before Cristian fixed it all)

  • Parquet flooring installation 3 bedrooms

    Cristian did a fantastic job installing parquet flooring in our three bedrooms. He was attentive, courteous and always prompt to respond to requests. I would highly recommend his work!

  • Take up and lay new engineered wood flooring in 3 rooms

    The job was done to a high standard and nothing was too much or too hard for Chris and the guys to do. They also treated the property with due care and made sure everything was properly protected from the dust during the build. They were also quick to resolve any snagging that was pointed out. I'm very please with the end result and would recommend Chris for his professionalism and commendable work ethic.

  • bamboo flooring of 44 square meter

    I am very pleased with the flooring work Christian and his team has done, they effectively transformed my house. They moved all the furniture, removed the carpet and replaced it with bamboo flooring including beading of existing skirting in the bedroom, hall and landing and downstairs living room and installing bamboo thresholds wherever necessary. They also did wonderful job removing carpet covering the stairs and laying bamboo flooring and nosing on the stair tops. All together 45 square meters of flooring done quickly, efficiently and thoroughly. The team moved back the furniture and disposed the old carpet. They were always on time, polite and efficient, highly recommended team.

  • Laminate or engineered wood floor, floor tiles

  • Staircase cladding

    Christian is a highly skilled professional who is obviously passionate about his job. He was very informative and gave us a comprehensive breakdown of what the job entailed. He and his team were well mannered, clean and had excellent timing. In addition to the stair case cladding, Christian provided us with extra advice and solution in relation to the top stair landing and made the tiled landing safer. He also provided skirting boards and painted them at no extra cost. The end result was amazing and beyond our expectations. On the whole, Christian has restored our faith in builders/carpenters and we have already recommended to family and friends for similar projects.

  • Sanding and varnishing floorboards

    Cristian and his team did a fantastic job in repairing, sanding and finishing our Edwardian floorboards. Cristian was very professional and clearly has an immense amount of experience. His team also tackled our staircase and carefully hand-sanded it, resulting in an excellent finish. We would definitely use Cristian again, should the need arise.

  • Fitting an oak floor in herringbone

    Christian and his team add an extra 'P' to Parquet - Perfection! From the initial meeting to the completion of the job, Christian was great in explaining and managing the laying of our new floor at the same time being hands-on, working extra hard with his team to deliver a floor that exceeded our expectations. We have always wanted herringbone parquet; what we got in the end, beats every parquet floor we have seen - extremely happy we chose the herringbone oak and happier that we chose Christian and team to lay it. Our house is an old build with an extension where the floor was split into 3 different levels and 2 different types. Christian took the initiative of levelling the whole floor, engaging our friend who is a plumber to put all the plumbing right and all the unsafe electrical cables looked at/fixed. The sub-frame was strengthened and levelled before the parquet laid and finally sanded and oiled. All the old wooden floor boards and carpet was disposed off on completion. It was great to see someone who took pride in what they did and was striving to deliver a high quality product. Before we enagaged with Christian on this job, we had a couple of other quotes; our instinct somehow told us to go with him. We saw many examples of the work done by the team before through pictures on the website and the Facebook gallery. If you are looking to get a new floor and you want something of a high quality, we would not hesitate in recommending getting Christian and team to lay it!

  • Install new wood floors/or restore and sand wood floor

    Christian was absolutely great. He is hugely knowledgable about wooden floors, an exemplary communicator and worked hard to deliver a great finish. My floor looks beautiful - thanks, Christian!

  • Flooring and staircase

    Cristian and his team overwhelmed us with their work. As well as fitting our flooring and staircase they fixed our joists which were not connected properly, installed a new subfloor, fixed a leaking pipe and put our bed together. They delivered over and above our expectations and performed a professional job at a very high standard and we are very happy customers.

  • Clapham Junction - new stairs and decorating required

    Very impressed with the professionalism of Christian. He knew exactly what we were looking for and delivered an amazing product without any issues. So nice to deal with a professional that cares for his work and customers.

  • Wood flooring for 2 bedrooms and one hallway

    Christian and his friendly team did a great job with my flooring. They worked on a high professional standard and the end result looks amazing.

    Thx for the great work. :-)

  • Laying herringbone wood floor

  • Laying wood and engineered flooring

    Christian is a pleasure to work with. He is extremely professional and is a perfectionist. He has a great eye for details. He works very hard to ensure that you get exactly what you want. He has done an outstanding job on our house so far, installing over 60sqm of oak flooring, levelling the floors, sanding them, staining them and finally coating them with Osmo Oil. We are very pleased with the quality of his work and would not hesitate to recommend him. We plan to use him for further jobs on our house.

  • Stair Restoration

    Christian did a fantastic job when he restored our staircase. He was professional and diligent and listened carefully when we explained what we wanted. He also got the job done in a very timely manner and always cleaned up after himself at the end of the day. He took real care in making sure the job was completed to a high standard and, in my view, he provided a great value for money service. We will be employing him again in the future if/when we need any further work done.

  • Removing/Replacing Laminate Flooring + Skirting Boards

    We chose Christian and his team as he had received so many good reviews and he did not disappoint. Christian was extremely professional, helpful and friendly and did an excellent job at removing and replacing the skirting boards in my flat as well as removing and replacing the laminate flooring. I would highly recommend Christian and his team as his advice was excellent, he was very punctual and got the work done very quickly. Very happy with the results and will not hesitate to call upon Christian again when we need further work done. Thank you Christian and team

  • Floor sanding and varnishing Leyton E10

    Christian was one of a number of companies who quoted for our flooring job and I'm pleased we selected him. The pictures on his Facebook page speak for themselves.

    From the start he was friendly and knowledgeable, explaining the process and suggesting ways that we could make improvements to the sound insulation while still having beautiful natural floors.

    The floors were in bad condition but Christian, George and the rest of the team have restored the existing boards as well as sourcing additional reclaimed floorboards to match our existing ones.

    I've already recommended Christian to one of my friends and would have no hesitation doing so again as our flooring is beautiful. We are very happy with the results.

  • Install wooden floor in kitchen, lounge and hall, 45m2

    We hired Christian and his team to lay new wooden floors downstairs and sand the original floorboards upstairs. From the initial meeting with Christian he was clear and helpful on what would look good. He went through the process and was able to start work the following week. We have been very impressed with the floors, he also made some customised wooden cladding for our stairs which look amazing. Christian and his team are friendly, tidy, trustworthy and professional. In addition to the floors Christian was able to arrange for our flat to be painted, source an electrician and also install a new kitchen. He is always on hand to answer questions (of which my wife has many). I would definitely recommend Christian. He may not be the cheapest but the standard of work is very high. My dad came round and he was very impressed- and he is hard to please.

  • laying bamboo flooring

    Christian, George and his team have undertaken a major job in levelling our floor, including shaving joists to size and fitting a new subfloor before laying solid bamboo wood on top. Friendly, helpful and efficient. They knew exactly what they were doing on a complicated job. They worked to schedule and budget.

  • 130 sq.m solid oak flooring to be fitted

    Custom Flooring installed over 100 sq.m of solid floorboards in our home: they did an amazing job preparing and levelling subfloors in Victorian house before laying new floorboards. The result is a lovely floor that is even and feels sturdy. The team arrived prompt and early every morning and worked really hard - fantastic work ethics.

  • Flooring fitter

    After seeing a few different suppliers I decided to go with Christian. From start to finish his team was professional, efficient and took into account that I still had to live on the site while they completed the job! I am very happy with my new flooring and it is clear that Christian knew every aspect of his trade. Him and his team care very much about the finish and quality they deliver and it shows on completion. Thank you very much and very highly recommended! Thumbs up from me!

  • Parquet treatment

    Christian is very dedicated and hard working. It is evident that he takes pride in what he does and we are very happy with his service. Highly recommended.

  • laying laminate / engineered oak flooring, London EC2

    Christian and his team just finished laying new solid wood flooring in our flat (2 floors), installing skirting and refurbishing the existing hardwood staircase. The quality of finish is of an excellent standard throughout and we are very pleased with the outcome, which they achieved despite fairly restrictive working conditions (Grade 2 listed status and 10am-4pm working hours). Christian also gave helpful, practical advice on what materials would work best in our situation (e.g. compatibility with underfloor heating). Would recommend.

  • Replace wood floors of 4 rooms

    Christian and his team is responsible, warm, and responsive. Even with quite a few unexpected turns, they finished the job with in the estimated to a stunning quality. I would recommend the team every single time!

  • Fit approx 80sqm of engineered wooden flooring

    Beautiful wood sourced for us, colour is excellent. Very happy that we used Christian and his guys to install it. They were very consiensious and we would recommend them.

  • Engineered wood floor for living room

    Christian is very professional and had a lot of knowledge about the types of flooring and how best to install. Not only was the flooring finished perfectly, he also helped us to customise the reducer where we couldn't find a readily made one that is suitable and the skirting according to the set up of the kitchen and living room. Christian is willing to work around problems and provide solution and his attention to detail is outstanding and we greatly appreciate his help with the floor installation!

  • Fitting wooden floors

    Christian and his team did an excellent job installing our solid wood floors. He was very attentive to details and ensured that the sub-floors were all re-built to ensure that the solid wood floors were level.

    He was very responsive and made sure that the job was finished to perfection.

  • Install hardwood floor (approx 55 m2)

    Christian and his team did a fantastic job on my floors. It was a while ago (about 2 years ago) that the job was done and it has held up wonderfully. I had an oak parquet installed in the entire flat (including the kitchen). It has become one of the main features of my home. Christian and his team were hardworking, meticulous and gave me sound advice about every aspect of the job. He listened to what I wanted to achieve, but being the expert he also made recommendations based on his experience. I would highly recommend him.

  • Re floor house with engineered wooden flooring

    Christian and his team recently completed the installation of an engineered wood flooring throughout the house. During the initial consultation with Christian I was impressed by his professional approach and advice regarding the installation. I was provided with a detailed and easy to understand quote so that i could easily track and budget for the work. The installation was completed to a very high standard and I would highly recommend this team for any future jobs. Aled

  • Overhaul of wooden floorboards

    Delighted with the work that has been completed on the ground floor of our house. Christian explained everything carefully and did a top job. Came back to complete a further job on the stairs and even spent hours cleaning the floor of the paint that the builders had left behind.
    Highly recommend.

  • 100 sq m of wood flooring restoration and installation

    Great communication, kept in touch about the progress of work, never had to be chased, punctual and sticks to the quote. Work was done very quickly, workmen worked long hours and did not cut corners. Happy with the result.

  • Installing engineered wood flooring and insulation

    This is one of the best experiences I have had working with a builder.

    Christian and his team worked to a high level of quality in everything they did. Obviously the floors are beautiful, including little touches like custom stair nosing, a custom fireplace surround, and radiator pipes that go into the wall rather than down through the floor. Everything feels finely crafted and solid as a rock. This floor won't need to be touched for decades.

    But Christian's skills don't stop at laying floors, they also had to build a new set of stairs, lay tiles and bricks, change pipework, build walls, etc. The list goes on, and everything was done as perfectly as possible, even for the parts that won't be seen.

    In my case, this was meant to be a simple change from carpet and laminate to engineered wood. Unfortunately, once the old floors were up, we found years worth of untreated water damage which had rotted the joists and subfloor.

    Christian cleaned out the entire basement floor, fixed the source of the problem, and rebuilt a stronger joist system using as much of the old wood as possible. This meant that the job lasted a lot longer than originally quoted, but he insisted on staying until the work was complete, even having to push back his other jobs to make sure it was done properly.

    I can't recommend Christian highly enough, he is both highly skilled and professional. Whether your job is big or small, you are guaranteed long-lasting quality for years to come.

  • Fitting wood floor c.40 sq m

    Christian and his team worked very hard and I am very happy with the results. I would definitely recommend him to others.

  • Stairs wood flooring

    The project was for the flight of stairs and landings in two storeyed house and involved removing staircase carpets and replacing them with solid wood flooring. Parts of the skirting had also to be replaced and renovated. The job was done professionally and in good taste with rounded corners. The staircase is immediately visible on entering the house and doing it in this way gives a smart first impression on entering the property. The team was efficient and professional while ready to listen and take on board our views and I am quite happy with both the result and the way it was achieved.

  • wooden floors repair

    Christian is simply a flooring expert!
    From the moment he arrived at my house, he proposed positive solutions to rectify my new flooring which was left in a very bad shape by our previous builder.
    He discovered many issues and we agreed to remove the whole hardwood floor and install it properly.
    He is absolutely a pro, saving over 95% of the wood planks by removing very carefully and he was able to install it back professionally.
    I am extremely satisfied with the results.
    He and his team were very clean and tidy during this installation, arrived on time and they helped me to move heavy furniture back into our newly-wood floor.
    Also I found Christian to be dedicated and passionate about doing an outstanding job, great communication before, during and after the job was done.
    His attention to detail and quality of workmanship was first class! I am over the moon with my new floor! From start to finish it has been an absolute pleasure to have him as a tradesmen.
    I would definitely be using Christian and his team for any future flooring needs.
    Superb attitude and a really honest and trustworthy.

  • Fitting wood flooring

    The project involved solid wood flooring of 3 bedrooms and connecting landings with removal of carpets, doing underlay and fitting flooring and new skirting. I am happy with the quality of the work which was done carefully with attention to details such as central heating pipes, electric wires, furniture etc. The quality of the work was very good and Christian and his team communicated with us all the time and took our instructions into account. I have to single out young Ben for being particularly attentive and very helpful. Good job.

  • Laying engineered wood floor and 2 tiled floors

    Using a new tradesman for the first time is a daunting thing, you hear and see many horrendous experiences by others. I started the project apprehensively and then I met Christian. From the start he offered sound advice, was on time and documented a detailed quote. His team were always on time (or early), worked diligently and professionally, always clearing up at the end of each day.

    All kinds of unexpected problem arose below the existing floor which could not have been predicted, - the sub floor was 2 unconnected parts with joists going in opposite directions, (our building is 200 years old) the floor was 7cm out of level in 9m. etc. None of this threw Christian and his team. The result is a beautiful, level! solid wood floor in exactly the colour we wanted and a super tumbled travertine kitchen and loo floor. The job was completed on time and the budget was only altered because of the aforementioned problems.
    I would 100% recommend Christian, he demonstrated a huge knowledge of flooring and came up with some great ideas like a curved joint between kitchen and living room floors which looks spectacular. All the team worked hard to ensure the end result was perfect. He also tackled some creaky stairs for us which he solved and undertook some decorating which completed the job. You will have no problems involving Christian in your flooring project, thanks guys - great job

  • Refitting Wooden Flooring and Underfloor heating

    The work includes
    -Installing upstairs and down stairs with engineering flooring, 70 sqm
    -Electric underfloor heating for living area and entrance hallway.
    -Stairs with solid wood flooring to match rest of the engineering wood.
    The work was done very well at reasonable price! Re-reinforcing stairs and adding acoustic insulation to mezzanine floor were additional items that have proved to be absolutely worthwhile!!!
    Christian supplied me with solid wood for the stair. stairs were stained and and oiled to match up with my engineered wood perfectly.The team were polite, well-mannered and professional. Though there are much more additional work than we initial planned, Christian and his team were always trying their best to keep the construction period as short as possible. They are very good in terms of communication with me for taking account of my opinions to make sure that his client is happy with the outcome. He also helped me with fix up a lot of additional stuff around flat, such as fixing up my kitchen doors and uneven paint area. Christian and his team have extremely helpful all the way through to completion.

    I recommend him and his team to everyone with any hesitation.

  • Fitting solid wood flooring

    The work included downstairs lounge/dining room and hallway plus stairs with solid wood flooring. The work was done very nicely, with meticulous attention to details at a competitive price. We had already purchased the material, but it turned out to be faulty so asked Christian to supply the material which seems of better quality than what we had.The team were polite, well-mannered and professional and, very importantly, were supervised regularly in order for the work to be done up to his standard. Christian kept in constant communication with us in order to take into account our views and ensure satisfactions. Helpful in moving and moving back furniture which indicates care for the customer's needs. I was happy with the work, particularly the stairs which look lovely so decided to do upstairs bedrooms as well and he's coming back for that job within three weeks. Would not hesitate to recommend him.

  • replace old carpet to solid wood floor

    Christian and his guys really did a good job on replacing my carpet to the wood floors. They are very efficient and responsible. They also provided good quality woods and glues. After they finished the job, they cleaned the whole area very carefully and moved back all the furniture to the original places. Thanks to Christian, I just need to left the rooms for them for a few days and when I came back, everything is perfect!!

  • Parquet Flooring

    Cristian and his team did a wonderful job. He considered all of my ideas, gave practical advice, provided good customer support and went the extra mile. The floors look beautiful. Thank you!

  • Parquet Flooring

    We are over the moon with our flooring that Crisitian and his team have installed and finished for us. Their attention to detail really came through and you felt at complete trust with them doing an outstanding job.

    Crisitian has a deep knowledge of layering parquet and other types of flooring and this is very apparent when you first meet him and while he is doing the work.

    We have been very impressed throughout the process and I've already recommended him to friends and work colleagues.

  • Install new skirting boards to the whole house

    Cristian and team installed skirting boards to the whole house - and did a distinctly neat and tidy job. They've decorated the skirting boards with multiple coats of paint and attached them very cleanly to the walls. The joins with door-ways / architraves are reasonable (some difficult slanting joins). Overall, though, they've done a very good job.

  • Refurbish staircase

    Cristian took a Victorian staircase that spanned three levels, but was caked in layers of old paint and generally in poor shape - and turned it into a thing of beauty.

    The amount of work involved was vast: stripping wood down, replacing risers, sanding and varnishing treads and hand-rail, rebuilding skirting boards, reattaching newel-posts and so on. He took it all on with gusto and expertise and we're thoroughly pleased with the result.

    Many thanks!

  • Floor sanded and darkened

    Christian and his team did a phenomenal job, I honestly never write feedback given i rarely see work that exceeds let alone meets my expectations but Christian's enthusiasm, professionalism and above all his workmanship exceeded those expectations.

    I have already passed on his details to a number of friends who are seeking flooring renovations.

    I am incredibly happy with my floor which came in within budget and on time. I couldn't b more pleased / positive in terms of my assessment of Christian and Custom Flooring Specialist.

  • Herringbone Parquet flooring _Floor Area 50sqm/Newbuild

  • Victorian flooring requires underlay and restoration

    Christian has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Christian and his team have just finished our flooring and it looks fantastic, we are so please with the final finish that we have invited him and his team back to do more work in our home and will do for the forceable future. Christian is trustworthy and his team work hard to get the job done on time or work around any obstacles faced. Christian is full of ideas to help make your home look beautiful and Christian has gone out of his way to make sure the we are happy. We are delighted to have found such a trustworthy tradesman/team.

  • New flooring for 1st floor flat in EC1

    Christian and his team did a great job on a floating floor in my first floor flat. There was clear communication throughout the process and the job was completed very quickly and to a high standard. Would recommend

  • flooring for 2 floor flat

    Wish I could leave a picture, as I think that probably speaks best about the job. The final product for the floor looks amazing. We had merbau continuous versailles in one hallway, merbau parquet flooring in the main room, and merbau diagnol planks throughout the rest of the flat. Christian also completed a maple double border throughout the flat. It was not something we had thought about, but turned out very well. He was also able to sand down and re-varnish an original oak spiral staircase.

    There were some issues with the job overrunning, however tight contraints for work in our building made it impossible to work weekends and evenings. This along with unforeseen problems surrounding the subflooring and stairs probably accounted for the majority of this.

    Only comment would be to leave a siazable buffer for completion, but that goes for any job.

    Best to check his website to get an idea of the finished product.

    Thank you again

  • Repair a bamboo floating flooring

  • Flooring expertise/ Soundproof insulation check

  • Polish and varnish existing wooden flooring 700 sq ft

    Happy with the beautifully restored floor. Builder has been accommodating with my special requests and workmanship was fair good so I'm giving an overall positive rating. Workmen could have better security awareness when leaving the premises though.

  • Restore parquet floors in bedroom, hallway, living room

  • Engineered oak wood floor installation

    Christian and his team did a great job installing 70m2 of engineered wood flooring i our flat. Christian and his team were very professional, organised and reliable and the finish is very good.

    Christian was very flexible and was happy to discuss the project in the evenings on the phone on an almost daily basis to update me on how the project was going. Labour costs were extremely competitive and the standard of work was very good. A defect wood board was placed in the living room which we were unhappy with and Christian was able to remove and replace this board for us. When pitching for the job the glue costs were significantly underestimated but apart from this the project came in roughly on budget. We were not happy with some of the finishing touches around the doors / windows when first done but Christian brought his team back to make all the changes that we requested and we were very impressed by this level of service.

  • 24 square meters of oak flooring

    If you are looking to have wooden flooring put down in your home, the only choice in London is Christian from Custom Flooring Specialist. Unlike other builders I received quotes from, Christian was clear, quick, and extremely helpful. Christian provided all of the services you will need at a reasonable price. He and his friendly & polite team will look after everything for you. They carried out the work in my flat quickly and efficiently, and within the time they promised (no long drawen out waits for them to finish), with a minimum of disruption. The finished floor looks incredible, much better than I was expecting, and my expectations were high.

  • Large domestic floor sanding job (with some repair)

    We're renovating the whole house and wanted to expose and polish up the existing Victorian floorboards, which were previously covered in carpet.

    The floorboards we had were a mess, initially - lots broken or missing and generally awful-looking. What Cristian has done is less a makeover and more a total transformation. The boards have been fixed, patched up, replaced where necessary, squeezed together, sanded, buffed up, oiled and generally made to look great: like newly-installed solid wood floorboards, but with a bit more depth of character.

    It's been a major piece of work and Cristian's not balked from any of the many difficulties along the way. He clearly knows his craft incredibly well and worked to deliver an excellent final result.

    Many thanks, Cristian & team!

  • Engineered woodflooring 70 sqm

    The work was done professionally and I am happy with my new floor.

  • 50m2 of solid oak flooring to be fitted

    Christian and his team were fantastic throughout. Christian himself was in contact quickly and turned up promptly to discuss the job and offer his professional advice which, although at odds with our original plan, was thoroughly appreciated and was backed up by other flooring experts that we discussed our situation with. His team began work within the week and were finished on time and without any hidden costs. The final result is extremely pleasing, the floor looks fantastic and is finished wonderfully throughout. We would thoroughly recommend Christian and are grateful to him for the his advice and hard work on this job.

  • sanding floors.

    Christian was punctual and initially did the work on time. However, on the first pass there were heavy scratch marks in 2 rooms which really picked up the wood stain, and in 1 room the stain was much lighter down a streak in the middle of the room. After an initial attempt to "patch" the problem areas, they had to be re-sanded, re-stained and re-oiled. The final result was better but not ideal.

    Prestige Wood Flooring LTD's reply:

    First, you didn't mention on your review just what bad condition your floor was in.I had to sand it 5 times in a row in order to get a smooth and even finish.And not to mention, that all the repairs that were made, didn't cost you anything out of pocket.I payed for the reclaimed floorboards,the glue and for the screws.In the end it was not about scratches or marks, because they were water damaged spots,deep cuts, patches in all rooms( that they will never be removable by sanding).But I tried to be flexible and nice with you and do exactly what you requested.Tradesmen like me,they go above and beyond to satisfy all the customers,but sometimes, some clients will never,be satisfied no matter how hard you try. Christian

  • Sanding and finishing hard wood floors and staircase.

    I hired Prestige to restore and oil nearly 100m2 of oak floor that had been neglected for years. Christian came and discussed the project and provided a thoughtful and intelligent analysis, a precise plan of action and a reasonable quote.

    He and his team worked precisely and very carefully on the restoration, sanding and oiling of the floor, and we are left with a beautiful looking result.

    These are people who understand wood floors and how to make them look their best. I would recommend their services to anybody who cares about having a quality job done on their wooden floor.

  • Flooring in Belsize Park

    Christian and his team worked tirelessly over the last two months to build a custom staircase and install new flooring on top of underfloor heating for us. As usual with big projects like this, things don't always go as planned but Christian always remained very calm and professional in discussing our options with us. He is very precise and we had no issues communicating our concerns to him. When he says he will do something (including post completion works) he sticks by his word to get the job done.

    I would recommend Christian and his team for flooring and additional project work, regardless of the size. He is very competent and an easy/professional person to work with.

  • Lay a wooden floor

    We have hired Christian to lay the flooring on the ground floor of our house next month. He has been extremely helpful in his advice and assistance.

  • Supply and fit 80 sq m of engineered hardwood flooring.

    Really nice team of guys, punctual, tidy, and did a great Job installing 80sqm whilst all our furniture was still around. Also fitted skirting also. Overcame slight problems with uneven floor, worked all day, and we got a great finish in the end. I would highly recommend Cristian and the team for your flooring projects.

  • Laminate Floor

    Very professional, fast and trustable team!

  • Repair or replace floorboards in 4 rooms and hallway

    Cristian and his team did a great job. They took the time to explain what they were doing and why, working tirelessly to get the job done and were flexible around my working hours. The flooring looks great and I would recommend Cristian to anyone looking for wood flooring, he really is passionate about getting the best quality finish. Thanks again!

  • Solid wood flooring 50 sq.m. London E14

    High quality work, specialist in flooring. Knew exactly what he was doing and efficiently organised his team. Flexible, punctual and hard working. Definitely would recommend!!

  • Fit engineered wood flooring to lounge

    Very professional, ended up staying until 7.30pm to finish the job and flooring looks great! Highly recommended.

  • Fit 60sq mtrs of 18mm Solid Walnut flooring

  • sand and varnish wooden floors

  • Laminate Flooring fitting for a 1 bet flat

  • Fit wooden floor 35 square metres and 27 stairs

    Christian and his team did a fantastic job with my floor. Very professional with strong attention to detail I would definitely recommend him. Was full of helpful hints both in the job and in his initial survey. Thanks for a great job!

  • Fit wooden flooring throughout the flat

    Christian and his team did a very good job on the installation of solid wood flooring throughout our flat. Christian is very knowledgeable when it comes to wooden flooring and was able to guide and provide us with sound advice as to the type of flooring and accompanying materials to buy. We also liked the fact the Christian gave an opinion as to what he would recommend (other people we saw often left everything up to us, which is ok as we are the clients, but it is always good to be pointed in the right direction). His team was very professional and the work (which also included tiling in two fireplaces and re-tiling of the kitchen) was carried out to a very high standard indeed. Christian and his team were also very dedicated and worked at weekends and late evenings to get the work done. I would certainly recommend Christian and his team to my family and friends and would use him again on future projects.

  • Install Pro-warm heating mats & new laminate flooring

    The new laminate flooring was installed professionally and within agreed time frame. Very happy with the service and would recommend.

  • Sand and varnish 4 floors

    Top job the floor was really bad but now it's perfect thank you

  • Replace laminated floor with engineered wood floor

  • flooring installation

    I hired Christian as he was the one who seemed the most experienced out of 4 persons shortlisted. The job completed, I am now fully confident I made the right choice. I was under timing pressure and Christian and his team made every possible in order to finish on time but without neglecting the quality of the job. Christian was very flexible throughout, business oriented, strict and professional on his approach.
    For these reasons, I would definitely recommend Christian to my friends looking for a quality service in the future.


  • Parquet replacement

    Cristian and his team preformed superbly, completed the job on time as agreed, made sure all clean, work preofessinally to our upmost satisfaction. We highly recommend to hire them, we will do so on the next job too.

  • Floor restoration and laying

    Christian and his team were very professional and did a brilliant job on our floor. He was punctual and hard-working, staying late to finish the work as quickly as possible. I would definitely recommend him.

  • Parquet flooring laying

    Cristian was a total surprise !! extremely professional and reliable and above totally committed and passionate about his work.He gave me a cl;ear and honest advice and showed all possible options trying tomatch all my requirements and budget ,i would highly reccomend him to anyone ! An expert in his field and a great professional. Following my excellent residential work being completed i will now use him for a big commercial project . Finally an honest dedicated and passionate specialist that won t break your bank!HIGHLY RECCOMENDED>

  • Laying Parquet Flooring

    We hired Mr Christian Duncan to lay down 22 SQM of reclaimed parquet flooring in the lounge room of our home on 21/11/2013.
    Christian undertook the job showing great knowledge and determination and completed the task within the timescale and price quoted.
    At any point was the job rushed at the expense of a high quality finish. Christian and company worked relentlessly with a focus on excellence and showing great pride and passion in their work.
    The reclaimed parquet blocks had traces of bitumen and dirt that needed to be scraped off. Christian and his team even embraced the lengthy and demanding task of cleaning the blocks individually with great resilience and never stopped stressing the importance of this cleaning task being necessary prior to laying down the blocks to ensure the floor would be levelled and the blocks clipped in tightly between tongue and groove leaving no gaps between them for a quality finish.
    Christian was spot on. The final product was an impeccable finish and an impressive replicate of the original double herringbone pattern in the existing parquet flooring in other areas of the house.
    It has been a pleasure to trust such a hard-working man capable of achieving high standards of craftsmanship and whose work ethos and discipline made us feel extremely rewarded when the job was complete.
    We are delighted to recommend Christian for any hard wood flooring service neither would hesitate hiring his services again in the future. Amil & Brad

  • Soundproof Floor and lay new Wood and Tiles

    I hired Crisitan due to the recent positive feedback and his competetive quotation.
    The job was to pull-up the existing flooring (40sqm) in a Victrorian maisonette, fit soundproofing between the joists, replacement the underflooring then lay engineered wood floor on half the area and tiles on the other half. He started on the date promised and completed the job within the requested timeframe. The finish quality is very good and the interface between tiles and wood floor is excellent. As with all small contractors you must be ready to advance the cash as the job progresses and ensure the materials arrive on time. Cristian supplied some of the basic materials like floorboards and plywood. I ordered the soundproofing products, engineered wood flooring and tiles directly from the suppliers. There were a few supplements but they were jsutified. There was some difficulty in laying tiles in the kitchen area due to the increased floor height and the difficulty of getting appliances to fit in the space under the worktops. Cristian has promised to come back when the kitchen is remodelled to fix these minor issues. I must note that contrary to conventional wisdom, I was forced to let Cristian alone to do this work due to overseas travel commitments. All in all it worked out well and he and his co-workers did a competent job with a responsible and courteous attitude. I'll make a final report with photos shortly when all is cleaned up.

  • Positive Client Reference taken by MyBuilder

    Mr. Christian started working in my house on the 7th of October 2013. As soon as he came in and did the estimate in my house, he impressed me with his knowledge. He worked on two of my bedrooms, two hallways, and one bathroom. He was straight to the point, and told me what needed to be done, to get my floor in the bet condition possible. He worked diligently and made sure the job was finished, in the time that he said he would. The floor turned out great, just the way I wanted it to look, and exactly how he described it was going to look. After finishing the job, he put all the furniture back to its place, and cleaned the rooms and hallway. I'm very impressed with his craftsmanship and would gladly recommend him to anyone, if asked. Thank you for your awesome work, Christian.

  • Positive Client Reference taken by MyBuilder

    Christian first came to us to do a solid wood flooring on my ground floor and we like his work very much. So we called him back and asked him to do our entire house with solid wood. Christian is a great worker, very conscientious and polite. He did not rush his job, he aimed for perfection. He has an excellent work ethic and is very proud of what he does. I have no hesitation to recommend him to anyone.