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We offer a professional, friendly tree care service out of Cubert, Newquay. I have been a qualified tree surgeon since July 2016, after retraining from the RAF Regiment. Having served 10 years and thirsty for a change of career and location my family and I relocated to Newquay, where I hope to become established within the SW tree care industry.


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About A G Trees

Tree removal/felling/dismantling.
Limb removal.
Crown reduction.
Crown thinning.
Crown lifting.
Hedge Trimming.


20-03 – Maintenance and cross cutting. (Level 2).
20-04 – Felling up to 380mm. (level 2).
20-07 – Access a tree using rope and harness. (Level 2).
21-04 – Prepare & agree to emergency tree work. (Level 3).
21-05 – Emergency tree work operations. (Level 3).
21-06 – Aerial tree rescue operations. (Level 3).
21-07 – Aerial tree pruning. (Level 3).
21-08 - Aerial cutting/free fall techniques. (Level 3).
21-09 - Aerial tree rigging. (Level 3).
UA01 - Electrical Knowledge.
UA02.1 - Tree Identification, Growth Rates and Hazards.
UA02.2 - Felling/Pruning from the ground.
UA02.3 - Aerial Dismantling/Pruning.
First Aid at work.

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