A Cook Groundworks

  • Foundation for a bungalow

  • To lay paving slabs into an existing hardstanding

    All work done to a good standard and all rubbish taken away. Would recommend Andrew for a job well done.

  • Re- Laying brick drive

    Started job, never got on with it. Had no crew other than unskilled labourers who were on benefits and couldn't/wouldn't work more than 2 days a week. Job was supposed to take 3 weeks. After week and a half less than 10% done and he wanted more money as his contract he got me to sign said second payment due half way. He was never here ;always away in the truck picking up supplies/equipment leaving his workforce behind to carry on. Every excuse as to why not happening as it should have but refused to work more days until more money. It cost me 10% of price of job just to get him off site but worth it just to stop an even bigger mess being made.He has no equipment, everything is on hire BUT he will get a contract signed by you then quote the law to you when it is going wrong. Now have to pay new crew to come in an correct/finish the whole job and have to wait a month for them so whole drive way is a total mess. You don't pay people just to walk away but this was the best scenario. Hire this company at your peril!

  • Base Work

  • Drainage problem

    Andrew unblocked my drain which was caused by a previous workman cleaning his bucket of plaster and tools over the drain. He had another work person with him and they were very friendly and efficient. I will definitely have him again if another problem arises and have no hesitation in recommending them. Thank you Andrew and mate.


    Did a very good job,when he said he was going to do it,and for the price he said

  • re moval of garden waste this consistes old garden lawn

    very good job done by andrew and his team and i recomend him.if needed he is the man to call.

  • Small base and ducting

    Job done excellent, fast, cheaply and accurate.

  • Lowering of Kerb. 7.4m.