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Foreign Language in Russian (hard), English (sneka free, write, read). Personal qualities: extrovert, independent, responsible, free the collective work. Other advantages: Leisure helps children with disabilities, Dovainonys occupational therapy center.


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2002-2006, - Great Britain Activities: enter employment in private repaint 3 room, 4 bedrooms, and a few months in privat .property employment in, building the company I worked there years as plasterboard installers, painters and other construction workers. 2004. Enter employment in a higher level, yet the construction company Holden property group, with 3 men projakta restoruoti 40 rooms Villa passikviesti had help from Lithuania, had them trained at the color and other construction work and be responsible for them. 2005, I got offer to work in one company restoruoti 100-200metu old house, and then faked the years gathered extensive experience. In English and acquired the building of knowledge, traditions, attitudes ...


Agricultural School, the profession of the household master carpenter carpenters.
2004, - Studying teaching at the University geography sp We come highly recommended references can be given if required by our satisfied customers
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