In the UK, the average electrical safety check cost is £212.
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How much does an electrical safety check cost?

This detailed electrical safety certificate price guide should help you budget for getting your property’s electrics checked and appropriately documented. All estimates and prices pertaining to electrical safety certificate costs in the UK are accurate as of 2024.

Electrical safety is essential in any property, and the absence of it can cause serious issues, with risks ranging from fire to electrocution. But how much does an electrical safety check cost in the UK? Prices have increased in recent years, and budgeting for a qualified electrician based on up-to-date figures is a must. 


Average electrical safety check costs

Electrical safety checks are often recommended or legally necessary in the UK. Every landlord must procure an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) for their rental property/properties at least once every five years. All new builds and complete rewires require an EIC (Electrical Installation Certificate). And, when selling your home, your buyer will often ask you for an in-date EICR.

Even if you don’t legally need this sort of certificate, investing in one at any point can provide valuable peace of mind concerning the status of your electrics. But what, exactly, is the cost of an electrical safety check? 

It primarily depends on the size of your home, as this table of average prices for several differently sized properties should demonstrate.

Electrical safety jobAverage price range
Inspection and certificate for a one-bedroom house£80 to £100
Inspection and certificate for a two to three-bedroom house£120 to £150
Inspection and certificate for a four to five-bedroom house£160 to £200
Inspection certificate for a six-bedroom house or larger£220 to £300+


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How much does an electrical safety check cost?

Electrical safety inspection certificate cost averages for homes of different sizes are an excellent place to start, but to make your preliminary budget as accurate as possible, you’ll also need to develop your awareness of the following price-impacting factors:

  • Where in the UK you’re based (electricians in London, for example, tend to charge more)
  • Your chosen electrician
  • The size, shape and age of your home
  • How accessible and complex your home’s electrics are
  • The condition of your home’s electrics (based on the info you have available pre-check)
  • Whether you’d also like to test each appliance in your home

These things could take the average cost of around £212 for a certificate and an electrician’s labour up or down. If you’re hoping to cut costs on that labour, be aware that though some electrical work in the home is possible to DIY if you have the right skills, only appropriately certified electricians with a 2391 inspection and testing qualification can issue an official EICR. 

Cost of hiring an electrician

Electricians charge hourly or daily, with average rates of £50 and £400 respectively. If you’re a landlord looking for an in-depth EICR on a six-bedroom home, complete with PAT (Portable Appliance Testing, usually a minimum of £30 to £60 for 15 to 30 items), you’ll pay a lot more in labour costs than you would for an inspection of a single newly installed electrical element (for this, you’d need a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate, usually around £60).

Unsure where your needs fit on the spectrum of costs? The best thing to do is speak directly with each electrician you consider hiring, getting a quote from someone who understands your project specifics. 

Cost of potential electrical issues 

When an EICR or similar safety check flags electrical issues, you might soon see costs skyrocketing. The budget for fixing faulty electrics is hard to pin down and can be much higher than you might expect. For instance, a complete rewiring job on a five-bedroom house could cost anywhere from £7,500 to £12,500. 
If you end up in this situation after an initial electrical safety check, shop around on MyBuilder for competitively priced quotes from reliable, qualified electricians.


How long do electrical safety checks take?

Most electrical safety inspections for certification can be completed within a few hours. However, this could be extended by PAT work or significantly affected if the need for an urgent repair is uncovered during inspection. See the table below for a more detailed breakdown of usual timeframes.

Electrical safety check typeUsual timeframe
Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)One hour to one day
Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs)One to four hours
Minor Electrical Installation Works CertificatesUsually under an hour

Once an inspection is complete, receiving the relevant documentation from your electrician may take a few days or weeks. Ask them directly about the expected timeframe to avoid disappointment and confusion.



How to reduce electrical safety check costs

If you’re struggling to budget for an electrical safety check, we’d recommend the following price-reducing tips.

  • Figure out exactly what you need: Don’t pay for a more in-depth certificate than you require if you’re hoping to keep the budget tight. Do your research, speak with an electrician and only pay for what you need to ensure the safety of your property.
  • Compare like-for-like, all-inclusive quotes: Don’t settle for the first price an electrician offers you, especially if you’re in a more expensive city area with a high volume of available tradespeople. Compare, contrast and get yourself a good deal.
  • Maintain your electrics well between checks: Checking in on your wiring and outlets every few months to ensure you spot any issues ASAP can reduce the cost when it’s time for a safety check by lessening the likelihood of hidden problems. 


Can I issue my own electrical safety certificate?

No, you can’t issue your own EICR, which is usually what people are talking about when they use the term ‘electrical safety certificate’. By law, only an electrician with a 2391 inspection and testing qualification can produce this report for you.
How much will a rental electrical safety check cost me?

A landlord EICR could cost as little as £100 for an apartment with quality wiring but might be upwards of £300 for a larger, older home with electrical complexities. If you’re a tenant, you will not have to pay anything towards your property’s electrical safety check, as this is solely the landlord’s responsibility. Landlords who fail to procure EICRs at least every five years can be fined up to £30,000. 
Do I need an EICR if my property has an EIC?

If you’ve purchased a new build or had your property fully rewired, your Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) will suffice as proof of electrical safety for five years. You won’t need an EICR during those years, but after that timeframe, you will (in the same circumstances outlined in this guide). 

Your electrical safety certificate checklist

You now know how much an electrical safety certificate will cost you in the UK. If you’re still unsure about finding the right electrician to produce that certificate, follow our three-step checklist.

  1. Use MyBuilder to find available, suitable options in your area: Post your job for free on our site, and qualified, recommended electricians local to you will have the chance to register their interest in helping you out. 
  2. Do your research: Look at each electrician’s working history for relevant professional experience. Look into accreditations and registrations. Look at past customer reviews. Ask questions if you have any uncertainties. Gather all the data you need.
  3. Make an informed, confident hiring decision: Once you have everything you need, contact your chosen electrician to start an in-depth hiring conversation. Step into your working relationship with confidence that you’ve made the right selection. 

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