The average cost to install a
boiler in the UK is around £600
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How much does boiler installation cost?

The boiler installation costs in this article are correct as of 2022

If you’ve purchased a new boiler as just the product, without paying for installation too, then you’ll need to find a qualified gas engineer to install it for you so it can get to work heating your home. This guide breaks down the average costs of installing a boiler.


Gas Boiler installation costs

Installation costs will typically be included with the price of purchasing a new boiler, but if you are buying a boiler separately, a gas engineer or qualified plumber will typically charge an hourly rate of around £60 to £100 depending on location and the time they are being called. It will usually take around half a day to a full day to install a boiler depending on its location in your home, so between £300 and £700 or so.

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Combi Boiler installation costs 

As with traditional gas boilers, installation costs for combi boilers will be based on the hourly rate of a qualified engineer. Hourly rates usually range from £60 to £100, so the overall labour cost of installing a boiler will be around £500.

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Many homeowners will choose to buy their boiler as a package, where the product itself and its initial installation are included in the price. Though you can save money by arranging the boiler purchase and the installation separately, it is worth getting multiple quotes to see if you will actually be getting better value this way.

New boiler costs

New boiler costs

How much does a new boiler cost?

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Boiler service costs

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Boiler replacement costs

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