The average cost of repairing
a boiler is around £250
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How much does it cost to repair a boiler?

The boiler repair costs in this article are correct as of 2019  

Boilers are the unsung heroes of our homes, allowing us to relax in warmth and comfort on a cold winter evening, and providing us with hot water for baths and showers. When something goes wrong with a boiler though, it can have a huge impact - so keeping your boiler in good working order is essential. We’ve spoken to some of the experienced tradespeople on MyBuilder to find out what you need to know when it comes to boiler repair costs and how it much is costs to replace a boiler, or install a new one.


Gas Boiler Repair Costs

The cost of boiler repair will vary depending on the issue - simple fixes and replacements may only set you back around £150, while more complex issues could cost £300 or more.​

MyBuilder Top Tip

You should only ever hire a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out boiler work in your home. Anyone working on an appliance connected to a gas supply who is not registered with the scheme, formerly CORGI, is breaking the law. Ask to see a tradesperson’s Gas Safe card and check their number with the Gas Safe database. 

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Combi Boiler Repair Costs

Repair costs will vary from case to case depending on what the underlying issue is, but will generally be cheaper than the repair costs involved in an older boiler. Expect costs to range from around £100 to £300.​


How to keep boiler costs down

Regular servicing is the best way to keep costs down, as paying for an annual service will almost certainly be cheaper in the long run than paying to fix a major issue should one arise.



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