The average price of fitting laminate
kitchen worktop is around £500
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How much does fitting a kitchen worktop cost?

The kitchen worktop fitting costs in this article are correct as of 2022

Kitchen worktops are hardworking parts of our home, dealing with hot pans, sharp knives, splashes and spills and plenty more besides. It’s easy for kitchen worktops to become damaged or warped, so many people look for something that is hard-wearing as well as nice to look at. Fitting kitchen worktops can transform your kitchen, so we’ve pulled together some common worktop installation costs.


Types of worktop

The biggest factor in the kitchen worktop installation costs is the choice of material used. Kitchen worktops can be made out of a variety of products, from laminates - a compressed wood product covered in plastic - to wood, granite, quartz, marble or even ceramic options. The costs of all these products varies widely, even within the individual categories. We’ve broken down some typical prices.


Laminate worktops are very popular as they are lightweight, simple to cut to shape and install, resistant to liquid and stains and relatively cheap compared to other options. However, they can be scratched or marked, and if the plastic layer is damaged, it is difficult to repair. Laminate options can cost as little as £20 per square metre, up to around £60 depending on the design and the quality.


Wooden worktops are popular for their aesthetic appeal and durability, though they can require some upkeep to make sure they stay at their best. Hardwoods such as oak are the most popular variety, as they stand up well to the rigours of modern kitchens. Prices for wooden worktops can start at around £40 per square metre for the very cheapest options, but can easily reach prices of £200 or more for high quality alternatives or thicker worktops.

Granite and quartz

A solid granite worktop is extremely hard-wearing, and can cope with everything that you might throw at it. Each piece is cut from solid stone so is a unique and attractive product, but the prices will reflect that - granite worktops can cost between £250 and £500 per square metre for most types of granite.

Quartz has a similar finish to granite, but is made by combining crushed quartz with resin to bind it, meaning it can be shaped and coloured in a huge variety of ways. The final product can be more hard-wearing than granite, with costs to match - around £500 per square metre is a typical starting point, but they can cost much more or less depending on final quality and thickness.

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Installation costs

A good rule of thumb for installing a worktop is to assume that the fitting will cost a similar amount to the product itself. So if you buy three metres of basic laminate worktop at £40 per metre, the product will cost £120, and installation will cost the same, for a full price of £240. If you buy a granite worktop at £300 per metre, then a three metre worktop will cost £900 for materials, and £1,800 to install. The increased cost in installation for a material like granite is due to the extra intricacies involved in cutting and preparing the surface. Installation can be even more expensive if there are additional complexities, such as cutting to fit around a sink or hob.

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