The average cost of a bungalow
extension in the UK is £25,000
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How much do bungalow extensions cost?

The bungalow extensions costs in this article are correct as of 2022

If you’re looking for more space in your bungalow, whether it’s another bedroom, or larger kitchen and dining area, then extending it is the natural choice to make. You probably have a host of bungalow extension ideas, but might be wondering how much they cost. We’ve put together this guide on bungalow extension costs so you can feel ready to start your project.


Bungalow extension costs

As with any other home extension, the main factor in the cost will be the overall size of the extension, based on its footprint. The price is generally calculated based on its size per square metre. Speaking with some of the expert extension builders on MyBuilder, we estimate that the average price per square metre of an extension ranges from around £1,100 to £1,400. So, for a 20msq extension (4m x 5m), the cost will range from £22,000 to £28,000. These prices don’t include VAT, charged at 20%. The price bracket reflects the variance of materials used, the complexity of design, quality of finish and where in the UK you live.

This price covers the essential elements of the build, constructing the foundations, building the walls, insulating the new structure, fitting out with plasterboard, adding a subfloor, and installing a basic provision for plumbing and electrics. It will not include any of the finishing elements, such as decoration or kitchen installation, which can add considerably to the overall cost.

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Bungalow rear extension costs

Whether or not the extension is built at the rear or the side of the property doesn’t have a particular impact on the price - the key factor will still be the size. What might make a difference is how integrated with the original building it is, and what structural implications this has, how many windows and doors the extension has, if a new kitchen or bathroom will be in the extension, or how difficult access is.

In terms of adding extras, a typical price range for fitting a bathroom may range from £3,000 to £10,000, while a kitchen could cost anywhere from £7,000 to more than £25,000.

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