Average price of a bathroom plumbing
job is between £450 and £550
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How Much Do Bathroom or Shower Plumbing Jobs Cost?

All bathroom plumbing costs in this guide are correct as of 2022

When it comes to your bathroom, there are a variety of jobs you might need an experienced plumber to tackle, from replacing a broken toilet to changing out a cracked sink. We’ve broken down some of the most common bathroom plumbing costs, so you know what you can expect to pay when you need to hire a plumber.


Bathroom plumbing costs

Most plumbers will operate on an hourly or day rate. Hourly rates for most plumbers range from around £40 to £60, rising to around £80 in London. A day rate, where a plumber knows they will spend a whole day on a project, may have a fixed cost that will be less than the hourly rate, ranging from around £300 to £550.

When it comes to specific bathroom plumbing jobs, an experienced plumber should have a good idea of how long a particular task will take, and be able to give an upfront estimate for the full cost ahead of time. For a fuller breakdown of general plumbing costs, see our dedicated plumbing article.


Toilet plumbing costs

Replacing a toilet should take a knowledgeable plumber a couple of hours, with an average cost of around £100 to £300. The toilet itself will cost from around £50 to several hundreds of pounds, depending on materials, design and where it is purchased from.

Sink plumbing costs

Replacing a sink is a similar job in scope to replacing a toilet, and will be broadly similar in price - around £100 to £250, usually slightly cheaper. A new sink can cost from £50 up to several hundred pounds.

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Tap plumbing costs

Replacing or fixing a tap depends somewhat on the kind of tap. Fixing a simple leak should be a minimum fee, while replacing a set of mixer taps may take a couple of hours and cost around £150 to £300. Taps themselves can cost £20 or less, but can be considerably more depending on the design.


Shower plumbing costs

A simple shower replacement should typically take around half a day, making installation costs for a few hours work around £200 depending on where you are. The full cost of the job will be the cost of installation, plus the cost of the shower unit you purchase - which can range from as little as £60 to more than £600. For more detail on shower installation costs, see our dedicated article on shower costs.

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