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costs are around £30 per hour
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How Much Does Flat Pack Furniture Assembly Cost?

The flat pack furniture assembly costs in this article are correct as of 2022

Furnishing a home can be an expensive business, especially if you’re looking for stylish, designer pieces. With that being the case, it’s no wonder so many of us turn to flat pack options. With stores like IKEA offering so many versatile furniture choices, they’ve become one of the most popular ways to fill out a room - especially since you can always be sure you can get the piece in question up the stairs. However, not all of us have the time or the DIY skills to assemble the furniture ourselves - especially when a handyman can handle it. We checked out some of the costs involved.

Day rates

When thinking about the costs involved in flat pack furniture, it is simplest to think in terms of how long it will take to assemble. When hiring a handyman, they will typically charge on an hourly rate. Depending on where you are in the country, this can range from around £20 to £30, with prices tending to be higher in London and the south east.


Assembling a simple bookcase may take less than an hour, while more complicated assembly projects like sofa beds may take longer. Handymen may charge more for the first hour to cover their costs of travel and so on, and less for subsequent hours, but in general, around £30 per hour is a usual price.

Remember that even if the job is completed very quickly, a handyman will typically still bill for a whole hour to cover their time and the costs involved.

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A handyman’s typical day rate can be around £150, but unless you furnishing an entire home with several items, it is unlikely that it would take an entire day to assemble flat pack furniture.

Some handyman may prefer to come up with a fixed fee for each item, such as £50 per piece of furniture, or £100 to do several pieces in a single day.

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