The average cost of a new patio
in the UK is around £850
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The Cost of Building a New Garden Patio

The patio costs in this article are correct as of 2022

Patio installation can be a great way to extend your usable space, making a more permanent way to enjoy your garden when the weather in the UK lets you be outside.

With a range of materials and styles available, a patio can be designed to match any home, from sleek concrete designs to traditional country cottage slabs. We’ve outlined the typical cost of laying a patio in this article so you know where to start.


What is the average cost of a patio?

The two main factors that determine the average cost of paving patio, which are the size of the patio and the materials you choose to use.

In simple terms, to work out the total cost of a patio, just take the paving cost per square metre, and multiply that by the total area of the patio.

However, these figures will vary widely depending on what material you use, and a few other key factors.

Concrete patio costs

A poured concrete patio might bring to mind a basic and “unfinished” looking surface, like you might find in a farmyard of building site, but if treated and laid correctly, concrete can be used to create a stylish, smooth finish straight out of a high-end design magazine.

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What is the average cost to concrete a patio?

Concrete can be a relatively cheap option for patios - the average costs for concrete patios per square metre generally come in at around £30 to £40 per square metre, including materials and labour for laying it.

Advantages of a concrete patio

A benefit of concrete is that it can be laid in a single unbroken surface, meaning that if it does not weather or crack, it will resist weeds or moss that can grow through the gaps of a traditional brick or slab patio. As a material, it is highly durable and easy to clean, and needs less maintenance than other surfaces.

Brick patio costs

A brick patio is a popular choice, with varying colours and laying patterns meaning your patio can be designed and laid out in a number of ways. If your home is brick, it can help create a cohesive look that links your house and garden together.

What is the average cost to build a brick patio?

Prices for brick are generally similar to concrete. Brick patio costs per square metre are typically around £35 to £45 depending on the kind of bricks used.

Advantages of a brick patio

Brick is hard-wearing and can age nicely over time, although it will require maintenance to keep weed-free. You have a wide array of choices when it comes to brick about how the finished patio will look, either choosing new, uniform bricks in a single colour, or varying the shades for a unique pattern, or even using reclaimed and salvaged bricks to give a weathered look instantly.


Slab patios

The other main option for patios is using cut stone slabs. When it comes to using stones, the variety is virtually endless, with different types of stone, such as limestone, sandstone or slate, and endless ways of patterning them, from traditional flagstones to more complex arrangements.

How much do patio slabs cost?

Prices can be much higher for stone slabs, depending on the choice of material and how they are cut.

Slab patio costs per square metre can get quite expensive - although budget slabs can begin at around £20, expect prices for decent slabs to start at around £45 per square metre, rising to £75 or more for more expensive varieties, though there is no real limit depending on your choice of stone.

Advantages of a slab patio

The main advantage of a slab patio is the infinite choice it gives you in terms of how it looks. Slab patios can be everything from sleek to rustic, letting you express your own style.

However, many types of stone will need proper maintenance to keep it at its best over the years, especially when faced with the British weather.

Labour costs

In some cases, you might have bought the materials for your patio yourself, for example if you’ve sourced reclaimed brickwork from another project or found your own stone you want to use. In that case, you might want to know the cost of laying paving slabs per square metre, labour only.

Labour costs will include preparing the area where the patio will go, which generally consists of digging out the turf (or removing whatever was there before, like an exisiting patio or decking), laying hardcore then a layer of sand, before adding a layer of mortar which the patio is laid into.

A typical dayrate for a landscaper is around £100 to £150, though this is usually more like £200 since landscapers will usually work with a labourer.

Installing a patio will take a couple of days depending on the size. Check out our guide to landscaping prices for more information.


Additional costs to consider

If you have something that needs to be removed before installing a patio, such as decking or an older patio, a landscaper will probably charge extra for the work involved in dismantling and removing it.

You may need to hire a skip for this, which can cost more than £200, or the tradesperson may be able to remove the waste themself.

Materials needed for laying the sub base of the patio, such as sand and cement, have been worked into the main costs.

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