The average cost of installing a
CCTV system is around £1,500
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How Much Does CCTV & Security Installation Cost?

All CCTV and security installation costs are correct as of 2022

Many people are looking to protect their homes, whether that be with secure doors and windows, motion-activated lights, alarms or CCTV.

Modern technology has helped cut the costs of security installation over the past few years, with a huge array of options available.

We’ve broken down of the most common CCTV installation costs and other options, so you can get started on your project with a security system installer.

Security system options

There are many different kinds of system you can install in your home, depending on how comprehensive you want your system to be, and what you want to cover.

At the most basic level, you can buy simple off-the-shelf cameras and camera-equipped doorbells beginning at around £90, which can be placed in your home to give a camera feed you can watch from your phone or other device, with various options for recording and monitoring the footage.

However, many people want more comprehensive options, which require a specialist security system installer to fit.


Alarm systems

Alarm systems can be fitted to your home which can be triggered by doors or windows opening and other motion sensors, and are disabled by inputting a code.

The most basic models will set off an alarm which is designed to deter intruders and alert the homeowner and neighbours.

These systems can cost around £150 to £300, with installation costing between £400 and £800 depending on the size and complexity of the system, meaning an overall price of around £500 to £1,000, with prices likely to be higher in London.

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Remotely monitored systems

As well as systems which feature an alarm sounding, you can also install systems that remotely alert someone if the system detects an intruder.

This can either be linked to your own device, or can be monitored by a private company who will begin a series of checks if the alarm is sounded, before contacting the police.

The installation prices for these systems is roughly similar to the alarm systems - likely to be around £600 to £1,200, but you will also have to pay a subscription for the remote monitoring, which can cost between about £15 to £50 per month depending on what is included.


CCTV installation costs

Cameras are an increasingly popular way for people to keep their homes secure, with most camera now producing clear images, including night vision, and systems able to record several days of footage.

There are a number of different systems you can use, from simple wireless cameras, which will need batteries or recharging, and wired systems which either plug into your usual sockets or can be wired externally into your mains power.

A single wired HD camera can cost between £200 and £400, while a full eight-camera system can cost more than £2,000.

Installation for a large system, like an alarm, can cost around £400 to £800, so a full cost for a decent CCTV installation will usually be around £2,500.

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