Wet rooms cost around
£5,000 to install
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How much does a wet room cost?

The wet room installation costs in this article are correct as of 2022

A wet room can be a truly luxurious addition to your home, as well as being a practical choice - waterproofing your bathroom and protecting your home from leaks and damage, while creating a stylish space with a shower at the centre. If you’re thinking of installing a wet room, we’ve laid out some of the costs involved, so you're fully informed before you find the right wet room installer for your job.

Many of the costs involved in installing a wet room can be compared to that of installing a new bathroom. While many wet rooms will not include a bath, there are still plenty of other cost elements involved, which can be broken down into a few categories:


A key element of a wet room is that the entire space is waterproofed, so there is no need to install a shower unit - a process known as tanking. Water can run over the floor, which is often sloped slightly with an underfloor tray so it can run down the drain. The floor and ceiling will therefore need to be waterproofed, with special primer added to the plasterboard panels behind the tiles. A full primer kit for a small room can cost around £150.



Tiling is traditionally used across the floor and walls in a wet room, to further waterproof the room and give an attractive finish. The price of tiles varies hugely depending on the material and style - you can get tiles for £20 per square metre, but can pay far more for more high end versions.


Showers are another element which can be obtained relatively cheaply, for less than £200, or can cost a lot more for high end alternatives. See our shower guide for more information on shower prices.

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As with any bathroom, there are many additional extras you can incorporate into the finished wet room, from shower screens, to built in cupboards and storage units, heated towel racks and underfloor heating. These will all add to the overall costs. Underfloor heating is a popular choice for wet rooms as it helps to dry them out quicker - this can cost around £100 per square metre.


A lot of the cost will be taken up with the installation, whether by a bathroom fitter, plumber, or wet room fitting specialist. Labour can cost around £150 to £200 per day for an experienced tradesperson, and full installation of a wet room can take up to a week for a team of two to do. Prices tend to be higher in London, and it can also take additional time to rip out an old bathroom.

Altogether, for a small wet room which is fully tiled on the floors and ceiling, with underfloor heating, you will be looking at a price of between £4,000 and £6,000 depending on your design choices.

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