Tradesmen Prefer Tories, But Would Rather Work With Farage

With the General Election approaching, found out the opinions of the UK’s one million tradesmen. With 85% intending to vote on 9th May, the balance of power could be in the hands of Britain’s builders.

In the survey, the Conservatives came out at the preferred party for tradesmen across the UK with 37%. However, in Scotland it is a very different picture with 59% of tradesmen opting to vote for the SNP.

On the subject of particular issues affecting the UK, the most important is the NHS, followed by Education then Crime. Conversely, tradesmen are least interested in our relationship with the EU. When quizzed on our future in the European Union, 60% of tradesmen said they would opt to leave the EU in a referendum.

Much like many sections of society, tradesmen take a dim view of politicians, most frequently referring to them as “liars” and “untrustworthy”. Only a third of tradesmen believe politicians deserve their £67,000 a year salary.

Nigel Farage is a popular character amongst tradesmen. When asked which leading politician they’d prefer to work with 42% picked the UKIP leader, with David Cameron second on 23%. Reflecting his personal ratings in other polls, Ed Miliband (9%) is pipped to third place by rising star Nicola Sturgeon (12%).

Alarmingly for Labour, their vote share comes third in Scotland at 12%, behind the SNP and Tories. This figure doesn’t improve much for the UK, with only 15% of tradesmen opting for Labour in the upcoming election.

Builder’s Opinions* Snapshot

  • 85% of tradesmen intend to vote in the upcoming General Election
  • Voting intention; Conservatives (37%), UKIP (34%), Labour (15%), SNP (5%), Lib Dems (3%), Green (3%)
  • 42% of tradesmen would prefer to be on a job with Nigel Farage
  • 60% of tradesmen think we should leave the European Union
  • In Scotland, 59% of tradesmen intend to vote SNP

*605 respondents to the MyBuilder poll run between Friday 17th and Sunday 19th April 2015

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Builder's views on the General Election

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