It’s official – JEANETTE ANGEL from Colchester has Britain’s Worst Kitchen according to tradesman’s website,

JEANETTE ANGEL beat over a hundred other entries submitted nationwide to win MyBuilder’s £3000 kitchen makeover after her wreck-of-a-room clocked up nearly 3000 votes from members of the public.

Jeanette struggles daily to cook for her family of four – fiancè Anthony, her autistic son Aiden, aged 8, and Zoe, aged 11 - in a kitchen that has no plaster on the walls and is furnished with cupboards picked up in the local charity shop. Until recently she was washing up in the bath because she had no sink! Luckily a friend took pity on her and installed a temporary sink and work surface.

“I am so humbled and proud that people have voted for me. Aiden can’t deal with the mess like the rest of us. He’s massively sensory and panics over food and how I make it. I have had to invent rituals to keep him calm and it can take hours before we sit down and eat” Jeanette Angel, MyBuilder Kitchen Makeover Winner

Over 13,000 people voted on the competition but MyBuilder made the final choice from a shortlist of twelve entries with the highest number of public votes.

For RYAN NOTZ, CEO and FOUNDER of Jeanette’s entry stood out because of the life changing effect a new kitchen would have on the whole family:

“The aim of the competition was to transform someone’s life not just to create a marvellous kitchen for a lucky homeowner. Choosing between the entries was very hard because there were so many heartfelt posts and touching stories.

“In the end we chose Jeanette because we felt that it was a chance to support a family managing a significant problem in their lives. They’ve struggled for a long time and by helping them straighten out their kitchen we can help them to manage Aiden’s autism.” Ryan Notz, CEO and Founder

The new kitchen is being donated by kitchen supplier Benchmarx and installed by, using one of their local tradesmen.

“We were delighted to team up with and help transform Britain’s worst kitchen into a dream kitchen.

“At Benchmarx we believe the kitchen is the heart of the home and knowing that mealtimes have been a struggle in the Angel household, particularly for Aiden, makes the cause all the more worthwhile and we really hope the new kitchen will help the family to relax and spend quality time together.” Terry Brown Benchmarx Commercial Director

Runner up PAUL CURRIE from Liverpool has a similarly terrible kitchen. For the last four years he has struggled with depression which has cost his job and his relationship.

Separated from his partner, Paul looks after his 4-year-old daughter, Claudia, during the week and works hard to produce healthy meals in his non-existent kitchen. Like Jeanette, he uses old furniture as storage and washes his plates in a bowl on the kitchen table.

Paul will receive a MyBuilder donation of a fridge and a cooker.

“Even though I am pretty good at DIY, it has been out of the question because I can’t afford the materials. A friend gave me a Baby Belling so I cook on that and because I haven’t got a fridge I buy fresh food daily because I haven’t got the facilities to store it.

“All the time I spend doing those things means less time spent with Claudia. It makes every simple task take five times long. Having a decent cooker and a fridge will make a big difference to my life...” Paul Currie, MyBuilder Kitchen Makeover Runner Up

MyBuilder singled Paul out because they were impressed by the way he has tackled his situation and provided for Claudia regardless of the challenges.

“Paul’s been very resourceful so far and you have to admire him for managing to-date! The addition of a fridge and a proper cooker will allow him to be a bit more ambitious with his food and make cooking for Claudia much, much easier.

“He has done an amazing job of managing so far. I take my hat off to him.” Ryan Notz, CEO and Founder

The competition, which opened on 6 March, closed on April 14th.

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