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MyBuilder.com helps homeowners connect with skilled UK builders & tradesmen giving them tools to find the best local expert for their job. Using a self-regulating feedback system the site is able to bring accountability and trust to an industry plagued by its often-slighted reputation.

MyBuilder provides a platform where tradesmen can build their reputation online and offers homeowners a modern and reliable way of getting home improvement jobs done. Our unique Ask a Tradesman service allows members of the public to interact with our expert tradesmen free of charge, allowing our builders to help homeowners and dispel myths about a variety of jobs around the house.

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For all press enquiries and interview requests, please email MyBuilder's CEO

Fast facts

  • 20,000+ tradesmen registered across the UK.
  • 45,000+ jobs posted / month.
  • 96.8% of feedback for all tradesmen is positive.
    The feedback system is self-regulating. It rewards tradesmen for good work and holds them accountable for any problems.
  • Over 1.5 million jobs posted to date.

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