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Can MyBuilder help me find a plasterer in Taunton?

Yes, we can! When you submit a job post to MyBuilder, our sophisticated matchmaking service will get it in front of hundreds of local plasterers. Local plasterers who are available for work will then be able to register interest in your job. All tradespeople on our platform have passed our rigorous quality checks, so you can feel confident you’re choosing from some of the best in Taunton.

Each plasterer has a profile you can take a look at to see their experience and any relevant information that could be beneficial to your project. It’s a good idea to read these carefully to make sure you pick someone with the skills you need, as well as check out each plasterer’s reviews from previous customers. Take a look at our hiring guide to learn more about how to find a plasterer near you.

How do I know I’m choosing the right Taunton plasterer for my project?

To save yourself any stress or worry, you should take some time to research exactly what you need from a Taunton plasterer before you make a final decision. First, decide what your job entails and then find a plasterer who can do that for you.

Some questions you can ask a potential hire include: how would you prepare for my job? What relevant experience or accreditations do you have? What is the schedule or timeline you plan to work to? A reputable plasterer will be able to answer these questions with ease and should put your mind at rest.

How much should I expect to pay for a plasterer in Taunton?

As with the rest of the UK, plasterers in the Taunton area will likely charge by the job. So, the size and scope of your project will dictate its price. You can take a look at our plastering pricing guide for a closer examination of costs, but here are some of the more common prices.

The average price of plastering a room is about £700, but this can range from £400 to £700, depending on the size of the room. One wall getting reskimmed will be about £100 to £200. Larger outdoor work is more expensive: rendering a small property starts at roughly £2,000 and can rise from there in relation to the size of the home.

Top Plasterer Reviews


Plasterers working near Taunton in Somerset have an average review score of 99% positive based on 1,954 homeowner reviews.

TOP 10 JOBS for plasterers

  1. Plastering
  2. Skimming
  3. Filling missing plaster
  4. Exterior cracks repair
  5. Artex removal
  6. Bonding and skimming
  7. Exterior rendering
  8. Ceiling plasterboards fitting
  9. Ceiling makeover
  10. Roughcast plastering