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Can MyBuilder connect me with recommended landscape gardeners in North London?

If you’re buzzing with excitement to get started on a garden project but don’t know where to find a local, recommended landscape gardener, we’re here to help. Here’s how MyBuilder works:

  • You post your job on our site for free, explaining the details/the help you need.
  • You get on with life and avoid wasted time.
  • Your job is sent out, by us, to hundreds of tradespeople in and around North London.
  • Landscape gardeners with the right availability and expertise see your job post.
  • They register their interest and you’re notified.

Once you’ve received interest from landscape gardeners, you can check out their full professional profiles, diving into working histories and verified customer reviews. And, if any of your available options feel like a good fit, you can get directly in touch for a more detailed hiring conversation.

What do the best landscape gardeners in North London charge?

The best landscape gardeners in North London usually quote for your project based on the size of your garden, the specifics of your intended project and the labour it will entail (rather than providing a standard hourly or daily rate). Because of this costing method, it’s hard to give a ‘usual’ or ‘average’ amount that a landscape gardener would charge. Things can be very different from job to job.

That said, our landscape gardening pricing guide does contain several likely costs per square metre for different materials (decking, patio, turf, etc.), making it a suitable place to start your research.

How do I find landscape gardeners near me in North London who suit my needs?

Finding the right North London landscape gardening company for your needs can feel daunting and complex if you've never worked with this sort of tradesperson before. But, with our guide for hiring landscape gardening professionals on hand, it doesn’t have to be either of those things.

This guide is filled with essential considerations to make before you commit to a hiring decision. For example, it recommends familiarising yourself with the different applicable professional memberships (Association of Professional Landscapers, Society of Garden Designers, etc.) and what they indicate, so that you’ll know what it means when a contractor shares their membership status with you.

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TOP 10 JOBS for landscape-gardeners

  1. Lawn mowing
  2. Garden clearance
  3. Pruning and trimming
  4. Planting or removing plants
  5. Hedge trimming
  6. Patio installation
  7. Turf laying
  8. Garden design
  9. Landscape planning
  10. Artificial lawns installation