Radiator failing to heat properly - Central Heating job in Edinburgh, Midlothian

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Hi all,

I have recently moved into a new flat back in August.

The flat is part of an old school conversation done approximately 7 years ago.

There are roughly 10 radiators heated by a gas combi boiler over two floors.

The problem is that two of the radiators do not heat fully and, to the untrained eye, appear to be blocked.

The other radiators get very warm and you can hear the water flowing through them or 'drumming' as I would put it.

However, the radiators in question do not make any noise and over time get luke warm to touch only.

I have checked all the simply things like ensuring the tap is fully opened etc

If you feel the pipe coming from the wall up to the temperature valve it is piping hot so the hot water is arriving at the radiator just not flowing through if that makes sense.

Due to the size of the flat and the large windows and double height ceiling it is making the flat very difficult to heat and I need this fixed as soon as possible.

To confirm, most radiators work perfectly but two fail to flow and give off any heat is the best way I can describe it. The problem occurs in one downstairs and one upstairs so no consistency there. The hot water can be felt in the pipe leading into both radiators so I presume the problem lies with the radiator unit itself rather than anything internally with the pipes and boiler etc (although I'm clearly no expert and this is just a guess)

Not sure if this makes any difference but the radiators are controlled by a digital display.



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