Install underfloor insulation - Insulation job in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Job description

  • Insulate the floors in 3 - 4 rooms

Customer description

Hi, we've just purchased a 3 bedroom semi detached house and would like to have underfloor insulation installed. Currently we do not live at the property so there is minimal furniture and there are no floor coverings in place except in the kitchen.


Feedback for Insulation Direct Ltd.

We had a loft top up and underfloor insulation installed by Insulation Direct.

I pulled up some boards to look at the underfloor installation as it was put in place rather quickly;
The insulation installed underfloor had no netting in place to support it and in some places had just been jammed down, bridging the gap between the sub floor and the suspended timber (this could allow damp to rise up) no consideration was given to retaining airflow under the floor, air bricks were blocked with insulation, which could also cause damp issues. There were runs of insulation entirely missing.

Insulation Direct had two opportunities to fix the work, the first time I left a key and nothing really was changed when I went back to check, one more run of insulation was installed in a previously missed spot but this wasn't supported with netting.

The second time I had to take a day off of work to be present at the property (as requested by the customer services team) but nobody showed up until 1pm , I was then told it was at least 1/2 a days more work to put the job right by the same people who hadn't fixed things on the previous visit.

Essentially do not trust this company to install insulation where you cannot easily inspect it, the work that was carried out was a joke and we ended up having to pay for the insulation they installed badly, I have fixed it now but it was a lot of work for me.

The loft insulation was fine.

Insulation Direct Ltd.'s reply:

Hi Taniel, I hope you are well.

I am really sorry about the experience you have had with us. I know there were a few issues that we didn't hesitate to return. I believe your review isn't a true reflection of the work carried and that of anger.

The underfloor insulation had issues which mainly arose from yourself not wanting all your floors up which was agreed on survey. We tried to go above and beyond to get this measure installed. As soon as the job was started, you weren't happy with it. You can't sit there and type lies that we aren't a company to fix any unsatisfactory works. As you said, we had many revisits and nothing was ever good enough. Also in this time, no payments have exchanged hands and didn't for a considerable time. To me, that isn't the signs of a poor company that you angrily state. I wont share my opinion on what i think.

Also, we insulated your full loft, elevated floor joists and boarded the loft creating a nice storage area (as well as clearing all your existing rubbish) which you fail to mention.

As a gesture of good will we removed your invoice for the floor insulation install and you repay that by typing a negative review asking future customers to avoid this company.