To fit laminate flooring - Flooring job in Preston, Lancashire

Job description

We would like laminate flooring fitted to our lounge/diner, and into small hallway.
Approximately 27m2
We will supply flooring.

* Added 25th June, 2014 :
Job can be started any time up to the end of July.


Feedback for The Flooring Fitter

Flooring completed by one man, over two days, and finishing touches/door strips on third morning completed by Errol and another man. Not completed in one day by Errol as promised initially. Errol dropped Rob off in the morning to complete the job in one day. Errol also remarked that Rob is a bit messy, we did say we didn't mind a bit of dust and mess to clear up, but did not want damage to décor as we had just decorated. Errol the day before levelled a floor between doors into a hump, very bad workmanship we did not expect from Errol. Although the floor looks nice which is a credit to Rob the fitter who is good at what he does, we are left with a gap under the floor strip because of the bulge left by Errol's work in levelling. We did have to pick up the floor fitter from Chorley on the second day, which we feel is ridiculous. We were dropped by Errol for a more important job that he was on. This is not what we signed up for, we expected Errol and another man to complete the job in one day, and more care taken over prep and finish. We were in a mess with furniture packed into one room and our garage inaccessible. We wanted this floor finished in one day as promised, this is the reason we chose Errol. He was quite blasé about damage to décor which took me several hours to put right the day he left. Also with the levelling issues left by Errol, having to pick up fitter. For this stress and disappointment he knocked off price for a door strip...never again!