Skimming of living room and hallway - Plastering job in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Job description


I am interested in getting my large living room and associated hallway reskimmed (including ceilings).


  • The following information was added Thursday, 18th March, 2010 : Thanks for all interest. I have measured the living room. Though not a perfect square, It is approx. 6.7x3.8 sq.m. The landing area is in "L" shape and the area to be skimmed is relatively small as four doors open in this area.

In the area to be skimmed two doors have been closed and rendered and two doors opened and therefore I strongly recommend viewing the job before finalizing any quote.

I am also interested in getting a porch made and concrete flooring on outside area (approx. 80 sq.m). I will be posting these jobs separately.


Feedback for gigi rom plastering

First I would like to thank ALL who left their honest and accurate feedbacks before me and hence enabled me to have a feel of strengths and weaknesses of Gigi and his team even before hiring them.

Without repeating all the details already mentioned by others, I could simply say that he is value for money. Especially useful for someone who wanted to get the job done to a decent level in the shortest possible time.