Shower and bathroom plumbing - Plumbing job in St Lukes, East London

Job description

I had a shower room and washing machine installed by a builder a few months ago.
The council now wants confirmation from a registered plumber that the outlet pipes are the correct size and that there is a stop for the shower.
What needs to be done:
1)Check the pipes and confirm if correct, if not have correct pipes fitted
2) The bath does not have a trap door (builder did not install) so would need to have a door put in
3) There is an extractor fan which needs to have a overrun timer as it currently goes on or off with the light switch. (may be a setting or replacement)

Finally to ensure and confirm in writing that the plumbing all works well and in order.

It should be noted that the only way to check the pipes curently is to remove the bath panel.


Feedback for My City Refurb Ltd

Plumbing was checked and previous builder errors corrected. Islington Building Control checked their work to ensure it adhered to their requirements. All good and work professionally completed.